Help Me With My Aussie! Many Questions

by Emily

I have many questions about Australian Shepherds

1) How do you help turn off the Aussie's instinct to herd, herd, and HERD some more? I don't mind the dog wanting to herd but I don't like the fact that it would be nipping at everyone's feet and chasing my other dogs around the house.

2) What is the best way to train a puppy. What commands should I start with, how long should the training intervals be, what age should I start, etc.

3) How should I introduce my Aussie to agility.

4) Can the Aussie start jumping when its a puppy or should it wait tell at least a year and a half?

5) If I socialize my Aussie when its young, will it still be aggressive?

6) If I get an Aussie puppy would it be fine if I leave at home 8 hours Monday -Friday when I go to school. Remember I have summer off, weekends, and random days through out the year. I'm also willing to go on morning jogs for about 30 mins. Put treats all over the house and more mind stimulations for the pet. After school I'm going to be working on frisbee, agility, running the dog, and just playing with it.

THANKS FOR ALL YOUR HELP :) It means alot. I know I have a ton of questions but please help me out. Please respond as soon as possible. Thanks!

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Many questions
by: Anne Calmes

1) You can't take the herding instinct out, but you can redirect their energy. Give them a job to do and make sure the puppy is getting enough exercise. Aussies just can't be left in the backyard.

2) you can start training anytime. Younger the puppy the more their little brains absorb. Use treats and start with something simple like "sit".
Enroll in a local dog obedience class for the basics on how to train your dog.

3 & 4) You can start little things for agility but obedience is first and then agility. Don't jump your dog until they are a year old. Their bones need to mature.

5) Use the word "aggression" carefully. If you socialise your dog it should not be "aggressive". It may still be mouthy and energetic.

6)Just make sure you crate your puppy while you are gone. It is for safety reasons for your puppy.

Please e-mail me if you need more info.
I breed show and teach obedience/agility classes

Anne Calmes
Gold Ring Aussies

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Home Alone
by: Anonymous

Aussies get very attached to their people and leaving them home alone for that long is not a good way to start their relationship with you.

my advice
by: Anonymous

The best advice I can give is to buy a good quality book specifically about australian shepherds.Find one that covers their life stages from puppy into their elder years. I will make one negative comment though, leaving your aussie home alone for those long hours 5 days a week is not at all a good decision. If that's what you intend on doing, wait until you are finished with school or just don't get one at all.

Leaving Your Aussie Alone
by: Anonymous

Cisco, our make Aussie, is now 9 months. He needs 1.5 hours a day minimum of trail walking, off leash, so that he can run his kilowatts down.

You can do 3, 30-minute walks, or all at once. Makes no difference to Cisco. (If it's a long walk, be sure to pack water.)

He'll (she'll) love you for it. Just the word "walk" brings him to attention. It's good for them and good for you.

Crating for a few hours (max 3 or 4) also seems to be just fine, as he or she should feel safe and secure in the crate, especially at night, if you've crate trained him as a pup.

Give him a good bone or chew toy, water and walk him as soon as you get home.

Best dog ever !

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