HELP: The Neighbor's Swing Set

by Lauren

Our neighbors have a swing set for their grandchildren just outside our backyard fence. When the dogs are out, they bark so loudly and try jumping over the 6' high fence.

The neighbors are upset and are afraid to use the swing set for the children.

Suggestions??? Until we get this resolved, the dogs will have to be crated during the day.

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swing set
by: Anonymous

Sounds like you may have to have them on leashes when you take them into the yard. If they know a command like "leave it" or "settle" or "chill" or something similar, this would be a time to use it and reward them when they obey. If not, then I think you will just have to spend some time training them to stop this behavior. I hope you aren't leaving them in the fenced yard alone for any length of time. Aussies need to be with their people and not left outside on their own.

by: Chad

My Aussie does the same thing he barks at the kids in the yard next to us we can't get him to stop we even let the kids pet him and he still barks at them the funny thing is the yard on the other side has dogs and he never barks at the dogs he always runs outside barks at the kids and runs to the other side and plays with the dogs. Seems backwards to me.

by: Jean

I would invest in a good behaviorist to come out and evaluate the situation. I have been on both sides of the fence and not sure which one was worse...the fear of a neighbors dog showing aggression towards me and my family or fear that my dog is capable of hurting one of my neighbors or their animals.

After six years with my extremely smart and intense Aussie and recommendation from my trainer, I ended up going with an e-collar. This was a LAST resort and do not recommend using one without guidance. In my case, my neighbors recently got 2 small yappy dogs and I had to do something for their safety even though I already have a physical fence AND an invisible fence...nothing would stop my guy from chasing a small animal!

Best of luck!

Swing set
by: Anonymous

Your aussie sees movement of the swing and gets excited. It's not the kids... that is my theory. Aussie needs to listen.

Swing set
by: Anonymous

And why do people say that Aussies need to be with their people and not be left alone? My 2 dogs are quite happy being with each other. Sure they love "Their People" but they are content to have each other.

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