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I have 2 Aussie brothers and a Border Collie Queensland mix, and they all shed like crazy! Any suggestions to help eliminate this?

Note from Anton: The FURminator might be just what you need. You can find more info on the FURminator here.

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by: Anonymous

Thanks for the input. I have this comb, and they HATE it! Could I be hurting them with it, or are they just impatient and don't want to be brushed?

They have to get used to it

Like a lot of aspects of grooming (like nail clipping and teeth cleaning) they might not like it but they will at least get used to it if you start them early as puppies and are consistent.

Same with brushing. You don't want to press too hard so it doesn't hurt. With the FURminator you will want to go with the direction of the fur and not against it.

Shedding dogs
by: Anne Calmes

What kind of comb is it? If it is a flea comb or "rake" can hurt sensitive dogs. Use a slicker brush or a bristle brush. You need to use a brush rather than a comb. To get undercoat out there are special combs for that. ("a rake", "A mat comb", or a "coarse or grooming" comb)
Look at
they have lots of grooming tools.
Good Luck
Anne Calmes
Gold Ring Aussies

by: Nonnie

We have two Aussies -one blue-eyed, blue merle female mini, Bailee, and one brown-eyed, black tri female toy, Maggie. The blue merle sheds more than the black tri.

My daughter is a professional dog groomer. She uses the FURminator and an undercoat rake. It makes a world of difference. Maggie loves to be brushed so it is easy to use the FURminator and the undercoat rake. Bailee's skin is much more sensitive so she is not as fond of being brushed.

We have used these two "brushes" since they were small. They are 18 months old now.

by: Anonymous

Our mini is a little over a year now with naturally shorter, wavier hair. I use the FURminator on her once a week and it significantly helps the shedding. I got a little lax about it during the winter and noticed a big difference. Now that I've picked back up on it her shedding is minimal.

by: Anonymous

A good brushing out at least a few times a week is a necessity with this breed. If you are gentle, a FURminator is a WONDERFUL tool. Regular grooming in a high-quality shop is also a big help in reducing shedding. Groomers use very high powered dryers and many use a system called Hydrosurge with helps loosen the undercoat. (I've bathed, blown out and brushed Aussies and Shelties and gotten a half a large bagful of undercoat.

There is another readily available product called LowShed that we suggest to our clients. It actually does reduce the amount of shedding if used over a period of time.

Oh...and good nutrition, (including vitamins and supplements specifically recommended for coat health,) low stress and plenty of exercise can also help.

Best of luck,

Boarding, Grooming, Gift Shoppe & Pet Boutique
North Huntingdon, PA

Vitamins and a good groomer
by: Anonymous

Aussie's will ALWAYS shed. With that said, they shouldn't necessarily shed gobs of hair every day. I feed my guy lots of vitamins, premium quality dog food, give him a good brushing at least once a week (with a quick once-over with the slicker brush daily), and he goes to the groomers once every month or so. He still sheds a little (we're talking a small handful size amount of fluff daily) still. The list of vitamins I give him daily is as follows:
1.) 2000 mg of fish oil gel capsules
2.) 1/2 tsp of kelp help
3.) 500 mg of vitamin C
4.) 400 i.e of Vitamin E

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