Helping My Dog Be More Comforable Around Children

by Amanda

I have an 11 month Mini Australian Shepherd and he gets very nervous around kids. I read they may try to herd children, and they don't like the fast movements children make. Is there any training I can do to help Dexter feel more comfortable around children? He barked growled and even nipped once at my friends son while on a camping trip this weekend and I want to straighten this out before he hurts someone!!

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Address Problem Now
by: Debbie

I don't have an answer to your question but want to urge you to address it now. We have a 13 month old Aussie. We have taken him many places and he goes to doggie daycare 3 days a week. We did this all because we wanted him socialized. However, we don't have children and he hasn't had experience with children. He would bark when he saw them on walks. He was leashed so I didn't get overly concerned. Now a dog park has opened near us. Parents aren't following the rules and bring in small children. In just a few visits his behavior is escalating. He would run up to them and bark in their face. I now put him on a leash but this only excites him more and he jumps wildly and barks more. I worry people will fear he is aggressive. Address the issue now before you have a big problem. We have called our dog trainer.

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