Helping Our New Aussie Transition

We are about to adopt a 2 year old, well-trained male Aussie from family members who live on the opposite side of the country. We had owned a Golden Retriever for 12 years and she passed last April. We live a very active lifestyle, have older children and live in the country on an acreage. We are wondering how to best transition our new Aussie. He has been accustomed to having about 1/2 acre of space with a buried electronic fence. We are going to bury a wire in our yard giving him about 1 1/2 acres to run, play and explore (we will have his boundaries defined before he arrives). We have lots of questions about how to help him transition... I am just looking for some people who might be able to offer us some suggestions. Thanks thanks

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New Home for an Aussie
by: suzan

Start developing a positive bond with your new aussie. Aussies love to perform and get lots of praise. Spend time with him, take him for walks, playtime, and do fun training sessions with him, where he can get lots of treats. Like any dog that you bring into your home, he will go through an adjustment period, which will take about 2 weeks. They love to learn and can get bored easily. They love to learn new things and love to run. Have fun with your new aussie.

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