Help—My Aussie Never Seems To Get Enough Exercise

by Ashley

Hey Aussie land. I have a 3 year old red tri and she is, to say the least, the love of my life. She was sort of just left at my door step when she was 10 weeks old by an owner that decided a puppy was too much work. Since then, we have been inseparable. When she first came into my life, I worked on a ranch in the mountains. She got to go to work with me every day and had 600 acres to roam around all day long. I sort of let her wander off on her own (always making sure I knew where she was though) and she would have so much fun all day.

Then, my employment changed and we now live in a house in the city and I work very long hours. She has a nice big back yard and I come home every day on my lunch break to let her out and throw the ball. She goes on hikes or to the lake almost every day that I am off work. The problem I am having is she just never seems to get enough. My sweet girl walks around with the ball in her mouth from the time she wakes up in the morning until I finally MAKE her put it down to go to bed at night. I don't know what to do. I feel horrible because I feel like she is not getting enough energy out, but I literally have run out of hours in the day to keep her occupied. We play at 4am when I get up for work. We play when I come home for lunch. We play when I get home. Then, like I said, every day I have off we go on an adventure (hiking, swimming, the lake, we travel a lot). I can take her to the park and throw the ball until she has to lay down from exhaustion and 5 minutes later she is ready to go again and chases me around the house with her ball.

This would all not be such a big deal if she wasn't starting to chew on her leg until it is raw when she's not playing. The vet said that it is out of boredom and separation anxiety now that she can't go to work with me anymore. She doesn't have allergies, she is on awesome food and she doesn't have fleas.

This is a long story to ask this, I apologize, but what can I do to help her get more energy out? I feel so bad that I can't be with her all the time, but I am literally spending every single spare minute I can playing with her or running with her. It just never stops. She is ready to go ALL THE TIME!

Does anything help? Should I get her those puzzle things to do during the day? I don't want my baby chewing her leg to shreds because she is bored. I don't know what to do.

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Tough one
by: Anonymous

As you've found out it is difficult to give an Aussie more exercise than they want.
Mine has a Jolly Ball which she will herd and carry. Is that what yours has?
Only other thought I can offer is to maybe get her a playmate/friend. Does she get on well with other dogs?
Good luck to both of you.

Thank you
by: Ashley

Thanks for the info. She is my second Aussie, so I was aware of their energy... hers is just 150% more than my last Aussie. I was able to ware my other Aussie out with a day of hiking, the beach or the park, but this girl NO WAY!! LOL.
As far as getting her a friend, I wish it were possible. With the job change came a pay change and I am just comfortable affording one right now.
I will look into getting her some activities and puzzle treat toys. Maybe that will occupy her during the day instead of her leg. LOL
Thank you again!

Doggie day care?
by: Paula

If you're in a city, maybe you could try doggie day care two or three days a week. Our 3 year old Aussie comes home from day care exhausted.

Foster dog as a companion
by: jcrply

If you would like a companion for your dog without the expense, you might consider fostering a dog from one of the Aussie rescue groups. The rescue pays any medical expenses. You provide a temporary home, food, and love.

active aussie
by: Crush

May try tether ball to entertain your aussie while away.

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