Herding And Shedding

We are thinking about adopting an Aussie. I have five children. The youngest two are 5 and 7 years old. I am concerned about the dog trying to herd them. Is this a potential problem? The Aussie we are considering is a one year old, shy female. She is only 38 pounds.

Also, all the articles I read say they are "average shedders". What exactly does that mean? Do they mostly shed seasonally, year round...?

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Herding & Shedding
by: Holly

We had a dog that got adopted and she herded the kids around so that they wouldn't go in the streets or get hit by a car... I would say that it will be okay. As for shedding... lol... they do shed all the time...you can get a rake that is used for grooming and rake them like twice a week and that would cut it down....as for floors vaccum at least once every two weeks or once a week... it will be fine!!

by: Anonymous

I have two 1 1/2 year old female blue merle Aussies. Herding is a natural act by these dogs and they will do it whenever the oportunity arises. However, it is not usually meant to cause harm and I know it can be controlled with correcting in the right way.
As far as shedding....THEY SHED ALL THE TIME! I have hardwood floors and have to vaccume or use a dust mop every day! Brushing helps but they are shedders.
Having said that, a little herding and hair is worth having these Aussies in our family. They are the smartest most loyal, protective dogs. I've had Aussies throughout the past 40 years and wouldn't change a thing.....
You won't be sorry if you own an Aussie.

Aggression towards children
by: CJane

Are you rescuing this dog? Do you know much about the background? I have an australian shepherd who is about ten months and he is not fond of children. I started working with a trainer when he was about 7 months when he started displaying signs of aggression around children, such as growling and cowering, and my trainer said that he works frequently with australian shepherds with this sort of problem.

Timidness is often because of fear, and quickly turns into aggression. I would not advocate this dog, and possibly, breed for your family.

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