Herding Instinct

by Chik
(Montesano, WA)

I inherited a 5 year old Australian Shepherd a few months back. Every time we go outside he gets out in front of my other 2 dogs and tries to herd them together.At first it was amusing, but now he's getting real aggressive. He runs at the other two, growling and nipping them until they get behind me for protection. But even that doesn't work too well. I'm guessing that it's a trait, bred into them so that they make good herders. And I don't mind that. I do mind that my other dogs are afraid to go outside without me. I live in the country, and they all have access to go in and out at their convenience. I don't know if it matters, but until I got the dog, he was always an inside dog. Please, any help or ideas would be appreciated. Thank you.

Chik DuBay

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by: Clint

Australian Shepherd's need a job to keep them out of trouble. They need something to do everyday. Or they will find something on their own. Like what your's has done. I think once you have found something for Australian Shepherd to do he will be find.

by: gayle--big run aussies

I have had the same problem with several of my Aussies. The best solution I have found is to have the dog "down" until he settles. Be consistent with this and it should work. Worse case scenario is that you have to take him out separately from the other dogs. Don't forget to praise the dog for obeying you.

by: Anonymous

let him drag an old leash behind him when he is out. When he starts to herd, grab the leash and give a correction. (doggie time out). Put him in a sit or down stay and then release him. Repeat. He's smart...he'll get it. have patience

herding problem
by: Anonymous

I too am having problems with my puppy already trying to herd my 2 cats and my dog. It seems like its his life's mission to keep them under control. My dog and my cats are precious to me, and I feel so sorry for them. What else can I do besides what has already been suggested?

by: Gayle

More exercise and training to control these bahaviors.

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