Guide To Australian Shepherd Training & Care

Hi, I'm Jasper!

by Julia

Hey, my name's Jasper, and I love to play! PLAY PLAY PLAY all day! Why does my bone growl at me, cause then I have to growl back, then my daddy has an unhappy voice and yells. Whoops! Outside, I like to lick the dew, but my sisters won't let me eat my poop! I wonder why? My younger sister is very protective of this noisy yellow thing she calls a "Friend". Oh, yay! Lunch time, out of my way, people, I'm starving' here! Ouch! Whoops I tripped! My mommy always tells me to sit before I get my food, and I do. Last night they took me to this field, where I ate my own spider! Yummy! And also, my younger sister ran back into the car when she saw a spider! Yay! Dessert for me! They also raced with me, but the younger sister won. She's the fastest girl on earth! Yay! I can't wait to see her room, where she sleeps! Yay! Oh, gotta go! It's time to play attack owl! Jasper blue is out, peace, doggys!

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Guide To Australian Shepherd Training & Care