Home With Older Small Non-Sporting Breed Dogs

by Jewel

I have had concerns in bringing in an Aussie with our two small dogs. Some breeders, owners etc. say there should be no problems as long as limits, direction and mental/physical exercise is provided. Have had larger working breed dog that was amiable with little dogs.

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little dogs
by: Kym

You should not have a problem introducing your little dogs to an aussie. Especially a pup.
Yes, you must teach them limits but that is true with any breed of dog.
The only problem I see, is that if your little dogs run your aussie will chase. That is their nature. It is possible to stop this behavior, but you must be willing to let him express this in other ways. Agility,herding,fly ball etc
I have always owned aussies and cats, and although the cats DO get chased sometimes (usually when they are being naughty) they have never been harmed in any way.
The aussie is a GREAT family dog, regardless whether you have other dogs, kids, cats, ferrets etc. They are very adaptable and loving dogs.

Little Dogs and Aussies

I had 2 chihuahuas. (4 and 11) We've brought 2 Aussies into our home and we've had no problems at all. In fact. My smallest chihuahua became best friends with our 45lb female Aussie. I mean BEST FRIENDS! They were hysterical together. It always amazed me how gentle Jacey (the Aussie) was with Mija (the 5lb chihuahua) It also amazed me how rough Mija was with Jacey! She would hang her little 5lb self off Jacey's face! hahaha... Jacey mourned for months when Mija passed. I think if you have a puppy with good nature ... it will all will be good. :) Wishing you the best!!

Aussie and Little Ones
by: Kathy

My sweet Aussie rescue lives very peaceably with 2 chihuahua mixes and an occasional minpin - you can't get much smaller than that. She does however have aggression issues when other, large breed dogs are brought into the house, so much so that we must keep them apart.

With the little ones however, she behaves like their mom, rushing to their aid at any sign of distress.

The first poster raises some very good points - certainly an excellent place to start. Good luck with your new addition!

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