Housebreaking Is Going Crappy

by Tammy Bailey
(St. John, Washington USA)

We have a 12 wk. old Min. Aussie. We are having one heck of a time getting him house trained. I feed at the same time twice a day. Have gone with the customary 15 min. to 1/2 hour after his eating to take him out to go poop and pee. Big problem is, I can't seem to get him to poop outside. We'll spend 30 min. or more outside and he'll pee but then, he'll wait till we go back in the garage and he'll crap before I even get my jacket off!!! What's with that?? What am I doing wrong?

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by: danam

We have the same problem. Our Enzo (5 mo) was 4 months when we got him and he had been pad trained. Can be outside for a long time (a couple of hours) and within seconds of coming into the house will poop on the floor. Sometimes he will poop in the outside kennel but prefers to poop in the house or on the cement floor in the garage. Our kennel is grass. I can catch him in mid squat in the house and will yell his name and put him outside and will not finish his job. What are we doing wrong???

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