Housebroken, Adopted Australian Shepherd Peeing In House

Sofie is 5. I adopted her about 3 months ago. She is the sweetest dog. Very loving and well behaved except for one issue. Sofie is housebroken but since the day I brought her home, whenever I call her, or try to move her from off the furniture, she cowers and pees. If she comes to me for attention, she's fine. I can't figure out a way to fix this.

At this point she is restricted to the backyard because she's peeing all over the house. She love's to get on furniture which is fine until we want to go for a walk or something because she'll pee right where she's laying. I think she is in a constant state of fear or anxiety. Has anyone ever had this problem with an Aussie before?

At first I thought is was Sofie adjusting to her new home but I think we are beyond that now.

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some possible causes
by: Anonymous

Just a few thoughts: It could be something that a good veterinarian can identify and treat such as a urinary tract infection or if she was spayed, then possibly "spay incontinence". Both are treatable.
If it's stress/fear incontinence, then you can work on building up her trust and confidence. While outside where peeing won't matter, do the things that trigger it such as calling her or asking her to get off of something or whatever else you have noticed that may be triggering submissive peeing, but always talking in a pleasant tone of voice and reward with treats. Take her outside very often so that she has many opportunities to empty her bladder. Have fresh, filtered water available all the time.

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