Housetraining Problems, Help!

by Christine
(Vancouver, BC)

My little Rosie

My little Rosie

I have two Aussie Shepards... first one is five years old... pretty laid back no problems.

Second dog is a puppy, she is now 8 months old and is still having accidents in the house. I AM GOING NUTS! Help...any suggestions? She sneaks behind my back and goes down stairs. Has ruined the basement carpet. Do I keep her attached to me at all times???

Any suggestions are appreciated! She goes out for walks, door is even open for her to go outside at any time... yet the behaviour continues...

Background on her, I got her at 8 weeks, she was the only dog in the litter as her litter mate died. She was kept in a basement and had not really seen the outside due to the extreme cold weather.

Many thanks!


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Puppy accidents
by: Adele

Is it possible that another animal went potty in the basement, and she smells it? My dog always use to go potty in one of our upstairs rooms, and that is what I figured. Since moving out of that house, she has never had an accident inside.

by: Ava

I have 2 aussie's, Charlie is 4 and he was trained in 2 weeks. Jackson is a 16 months and he wasn't tranined fully until about 2 months ago, so he was over 1 year. I trained them both the same but just took Jackson longer.

The best thing to do would be to kennel train or as I did, baby gated the kitchen and used that as one big kennel. Jackson was only allowed out of the kitchen to go pottie and when he was 100% supervised.

Nights and work time he stayed in the kitchen, only I was allowed to get him out and then only after he went outside. Basically from kitchen to outside then only one room at a time not free roam.

We just started free roam in our house 2 months ago and I have to say he has done awesome!! Just have patience and keep with it.

Good Luck!!

by: Anne

Get a crate and potty train with a crate. If you leave the back door open all the time, unless you actually show the puppy the door and make sure
it knows what that is for, the pup won't know any better.
Like someone said she could smell someone else that peed in basement or if she was always kept in the basement before you got
her that is all that puppy's knows where to go to potty. Close the basement door.
Another thing.....get your puppy's hearing and eyes checked, because it has so much white around the ears and eyes. That could be part of the problem. Aussies with a lot of white around eyes and ears usually have hearing and/or site loss.
Hope that helps, but if you need more explanation please e-mail me
Hope that helps

Anne Calmes
Gold Ring Aussies
Louisiana, USA

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