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How Big Should My Aussie Be?

by Michael
(So Cal)

I have a 6 1/2 month old Aussie (who’s not supposed to be a Mini) whose weight seems to be somewhere between 30-35 pounds, (using a human scale so it’s kind of hard to get him to stay still on it) my girlfriend has been saying for a while that he seems very skinny/small and today we met another Aussie 2 weeks younger that’s significantly bigger.

I’m feeding him Natures Variety Raw Boost. Should I be feeding him something different? And no I will not love him any less if he’s a Mini so please don’t just comment “the best things come in little packages”. lol

I just want to know if he might be a mini or if I should be feeding him more or different food.

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Smaller aussies
by: Anonymous

Some aussies are just smaller in nature, he may need more feedings if you want him to gain weight but it's not necessary. I have a 3 year old female who's full pure bred and is just smaller I thought she might have been a mini at first too. But she's fine she's a full bred, she's 40 lbs on a fat week but she's smaller. She has a thin body but feeling her it's pure muscle. She gets a lot of exercise and I just make sure she eats enough but I don't over feed her. Aussies typically only eat what they want and are not a bred you have to watch how much they eat cause they tend to not over eat. You can always have him tested to make sure he's not a mini but I doubt it cause they normally only get to be about 25- 30 lbs. And you can just tell by looking at them in most cases. But you can always have your vet test him for any ailments and bred genetics just to make sure bit I'm sure he's perfectly fine. :)

My small girl
by: Anonymous

My Aussie is papered full size, and she is 1.5 years now and only grew to about 27 lbs. The mother was on the smaller side, but the father was a fairly large Aussie. I think it all just depends on the genetics they were given. Being smaller than the typical Aussie, she is the perfect size to go anywhere with us and also be a good lap dog. She grew until she was about 8 months, so I think your Aussie still has some growing to do, but I think it is pretty normal to get one on the smaller side.

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