How Can I Get My Aussie To Jump?

by Pam
(Bessemer, AL)

We got Maggie when she was two months old. We had stairs so she could get on the sofa. She's a year old and does not know how to jump on couch, jump in the car or jump for a treat. What can we do. Aussies are supposed to jump! Thanks.

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Reply to jumping
by: Anonymous

I would sit on the couch or in the car, with a leash on your dog, if the car, no keep,on patting the seat next to me and tell her either up or jump, keep trying, she will get the hang of it!!!

Make it a game
by: Ann

I know what you're going through! For the longest time my pup didn't understand how to jump up on the couch, or into our 4Runner. Treats didn't always help either because he just didn't know how to get up. I would maybe look for something that you can jump up on with your pup, so when you have him on the leash, get him all excited to play and get a running start towards the place you'll jump up with him. Essentially you'll be his guide to show that he can jump up. Also use the word "Jump!" when you are jumping, and maybe he'll start getting the idea. It worked for Kodi, but it did take awhile. :)

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