How Can I Get My Aussie to Relax?

by Jean Barbara
(Dover Plains, NY)



I have a very smart and intense 5 year old male Aussie. We have worked very hard with him over the years. We love him to death but we are having some serious issues because we cannot get him to relax...ever! It is almost like he has OCD or ADD. He is so much work sometimes and my husband and I are exhausted! He gets lots of exercise both physically and mentally and I make him his own food which has helped some.

Does anyone know of a natural herb or method I can use to help my guy relax?

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by: Nonnie

I would like to know the same thing!!

Dear Aussie to Relax
by: Ontario, Canada

There are all-natural herbals on the market; talk to your vet, dog trainers or pet stores they can offer suggestions. I have a 2-year old female Aussie who was easily excitable and had a hard time settling down; I take my dog to training and asked our instructors about this they offered the following suggestions/tools that you may find useful.
Do you have a designated quiet ‘safe’ place for your dog (crate or other area of the house), both of my dogs have their ‘safe’ spots where they can relax I ask family/visitors to my home that when the dogs are in these areas to leave them alone. The way you touch your dog can hype a dog up as well; to avoid this and when you want to get your dog to relax touch your dog with long, smooth strokes along their body, much like a massage. Speaking calmly to your dog and keeping your strokes slow and smooth slowly increase the penetration of the strokes to get to their muscles this may alleviate some of this behavior. A question to ask you as well may be ‘is my dog training me’, example by acting up are they getting their way? I hope you find this helpful as I believe we need to set our dogs up for success, best of luck.

Suggestions also welcome!
by: Kathy

I'd like some suggestions also

It is nice to know I am not alone!
by: Jean

It is nice to know that I am not alone in my quest for a little peace! My friends and family joke and call Tucker "Dennis the Menace" because there is never a dull moment in my household because of his antics.

Joking must be very stressful for these dogs to be on constant alert and not have the ability to relax. The only time I have ever seen my boy close his eyes in my presence was after we took him for a 10 mile hike (more like 20 miles for him running back and forth) and he swam in the river for an hour. Thought he would chill with age but it has not happened yet!

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