How Can I Get My Puppy To Take Her Heartworm Pills?

by Taylor

Our mini puppy, Ridley, had her first vet appointment yesterday, and they gave me a heartworm pill for her to take. It was a miserable experience for both of us, and I ended up having to smash the pill and put the powder directly into her mouth bit by bit. There has to be an easier way, any tips or suggestions?

I should also mention that Ridley is 9 weeks old and still very finicky with her food. For example, she will not eat out of certain bowls and will not eat if someone touches her bowl or food, so putting the pill in her food did not seem like a good option.

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by: Neil Coy

Will she take peanut butter from your finger? If so hide the pill in a small amount of PB. It has worked well with all three of the Aussies that I have owned. Good luck for good licks.

Heart worm pill
by: Steph

We give our dogs' meds in a piece of bread. But you can also ask for heart worm shots which are much easier. Just a suggestion.

PB love
by: Anonymous

Try coating it with thin layer of peanut butter- I don't know a dog that doesn't love PB.

Puppy pills
by: Cecelia Haack

Our mini Aussie will take anything inside a Hebrew National hotdog. For pills I just poke the pill inside a small piece have him sit, come, stay or just be cute, I give him a small treat w/o the pill and then the treat with the pill and follow up with another small treat. He would fly to the moon for his fav treat. Good luck.

Heartworm pills
by: Tom

Our vet gives us a tasty chewable heartworm medicine, we have no trouble giving it to ours, you might ask for that kind called heart guard.

by: Anonymous

I have an 8 ish year old male Aussie who hates to take his monthly heartworm pill. I wrap it in cheese and put chicken jerky (home made) on it. His pill is big so I cut it in 4s and wrap it so none of it is exposed. Sometimes he will find it and spit it out so I just rewrap it in cheese and try again.

Pill assistance
by: Anonymous

When our puppy was diagnosed with Parvo at 10wks old, we had a really hard time getting him to take his antinausea medication. His vet showed me a trick, that at first seems somewhat harsh and difficult.. keep in mind I'm a very sensitive person, so I may have struggled with this more than others.. but ultimately effective and helped in saving his life given our situation. Sitting on the floor with your pup you hold their mouth open and place the pill in their mouth. Slide the pill back towards their throat, and quickly cup the pups mouth closed. Keeping your hand free from their nose, but over their muzzle.. give a few short gentle puffs of air into their nose with their head slightly tilted up. This stimulates them to swallow. This is meant to be done quickly, and gently. I am not a vet, and the pills we had were small. This was a do or die situation for us, and I encourage the above recommendations before this. I just thought I'd share what I learned, in case all other attempts failed. Your judgment is best. Good luck, and good on you for looking to do the best you can for your fur baby.

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