How Can I Stop My 1 Year Old Australian Sheppard From Nipping

Our 1 year old Australian Sheppard (Blue Merle purebred) became part of our family 6-months ago. Her previous owner was very ill and could not look after her, she was placed in a kennel for about a week before we adopted her. We go to obedience training (now in Grade 3) but when excited she nips (hands and feet) and sometimes gets too close to our face; this has me concerned. I have grown up with dogs and currently have a 9 year old Border Collie who she consistently tries to herd. Help please!

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Nippy Aussie
by: Anne

Your Aussie needs MORE exercise. She is a high energy aussie. If she herds your Border Collie and you are taking her to Obedience classes, ask the obedience trainer if there is is someone in your area that gives herding lessons. If not try Agility. It is great fun and the dogs love it. I am sure your aussie would love it too.
As a breeder I warn people that our aussies are a "herding breed" and may nip or herd you or your children. You just have one, as it sounds, with a lot of "herding instinct".
Please tell her "no" when she tries to nip at you.
Good Luck and have fun

Nipping problem
by: Anonymous

Hello. I have an 8 month old Australian Shepherd who does the same thing. She nips when she gets excited and breaks skin at times. It is very painful! I took her through training and I was advised to use a short leash in the house. Keep this on the dog at most times, so you can pull him/her away as soon as it starts. Repetition. LOTS of it:) You can also use a cookie sheet (not kidding) as a barrier when the dog is nipping. My dog is particularly bad at night, and when I am leaving for work. She tries to herd me so i don't leave! I have noticed that when she is over exercised, she is less nippy. The more exercise, the less the poor behaviors. Lots of sprints (throw a ball), a long hour power walk per day, even jogging with the dog, are all activities that will help deter the focus on being destructive. Tired dogs are happy dogs, and you MUST tire this breed out. Hope this helps.

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