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How Do Australian Shepherds React to Another Dog?

How was your Australian Shepherd when you brought in another dog? My wife and I are thinking about getting another dog, but we aren't sure how our Aussie is going to react.

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Adding a dog
by: Anonymous

Well it depends. Is your dog friendly with other dogs? Aussies are basically a friendly breed, they can get along with cats kids etc. If it is a female it may try to show the new one who is boss, but they usually settle down. In fact many people I see on social media have two or more Aussies, so it could work well for your dog.

by: jcrply

It is very difficult to predict how your Aussie will react, but there is a good way to find out. Please consider volunteering to be a foster for one of the Australian Shepherd Rescue groups (there are several all around the country). When you foster a dog you are not making a lifelong commitment. The foster dog will have been vetted and vaccinated and medical expenses are paid by the rescue organization. Your foster dog lives with you until a permanent home is found. That gives you an opportunity to see how your dog reacts to sharing their home with another dog and it gives your foster a change to live. If it doesn't work out for your dog, the foster dog will be taken back immediately by the rescue group and placed with someone else.

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Guide To Australian Shepherd Training & Care

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