How Do I Get My Ten Month Old To Stop Growling?

by Sonjia McEntire
(Ponca City, Oklahoma)

We got are black tri a week ago. He's great with me and my kids but when my husband comes over he growls and tries to hide in the hall still growling. Then my daughter had a friend come over and he growled at her. How do I get him to stop?

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by: Neil

I suggest that your husband becomes the caregiver of the pup, at least for a while. Walks, play and in particular feeding. This will help establish in the pups mind that you husband is very important in his life and I think he will change his attitude. I have heard that alpha does not necessarily mean leader but supplier in a dog's mind.

aussies need lots of socialization
by: Anonymous

Sounds to me like he needs to be more socialized, especially with people coming into the house. I would suggest finding a trainer to help you with this unless you have dealt with aussies before. The wariness is typical aussie behavior. Was the breeder you got him from female? That may be why he is better with you and your daughter and not your husband. And he will act like that with all strangers unless trained otherwise. It's serious behavior and should be dealt with quickly. Hope this helps!

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