How Do I Keep My Red-Tri Dog's Coat Looking It's Healthiest?

My red-tri colored Aussie has a very rich liver main color with beautiful white. I have heard that too much protein in his commercial diet may be the reason for tips of this liver area looking burnt/split and slightly curling at tips. I do not over bathe him. He does spend a good amount of time outdoors. Is very active healthy and intelligent, but I am wondering if too much protein in a red or liver colored dog, effects the coat condition.

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aussie coat
by: Richard Bryant

Rake, then furminator, then sheading blade and brush, brush and more brush. At least twice a week. Check awesome aussie trio somewhere on this site. Zoey has short curly hair with flowing lower. Jackson, the oldest, has short soft hair on his back and long soft flowing hair on his back. They love to be brushed.
Ozzy, the youngest, has long flowing soft hair all over. All three are related.

aussie coat
by: Richard Bryant

i forgot to mention, maybe most important part. Baby shampoo pampering bath every three weeks. Ozzy hates bath time. But Ozzy is the most loving goofy dog anyone could ever have.

Red Tri Dog's healthy coat
by: Anne

The sun is the major reason for sun-bleach as you described the ends of the coat as burnt.
Keep the dog in a shaded area if it has to be outside.

Anne Calmes
Gold Ring Aussies
Louisiana, USA

Red tris coat
by: Skyhiaussies Aussies

It is probably sun damage. There are several sunscreens for dogs. I have three reds and I use sunscreen on them daily.

red tri
by: Anonymous

I have a red tri that is frequently out in the sun and I have never had any issues with his coat being broken or damaged looking. His coat is actually the softest shiniest coats Ive seen on a dog.
He is on the lamb and rice BLUE BUFFALO and he get one egg yoke every morning. I rarely bathe him because he has his own outside kiddie pool that he lounges in. I would first check out what type of diet he is on, regular/cheap dog food doesnt have the proper nutrients your dog need and can effect the coat.

Treating a dry coat
by: Anonymous

I have a red tri and her coat was getting bad. I started hydrating the coat with a leave-in conditioner. I have also been smothering her coat in cholesterol cream and leaving on for a few days then washing out. The result is amazing.

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