How Do I Tell My Neighbor That I Don't Think His Pup Should Be Outdoors In The Cold All Day?

by Abby
(Minnesota )

This is a young beautiful 1.5 year old dog that is left outdoors for hours at a time in the cold weather in the upper Midwest. I feel so bad to see him outdoors all day long in the cold and wish I could say something but they have had these kinds of dogs for many years and I'm sure if I were to say something they would be offended. He is such a cute and bright pup. What a waste... I can't stand it but I certainly can't take him in. I have two cats and I think they would get angry if I did so. It has been quite cold and windy here and he has been out all day!

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Call Animal Control
by: Anonymous

Make an anonymous call to Animal Control. Who cares if your neighbor is offended, you have to think of the well being of the dog. Aussies are not meant to be left outside.

Dog is worth it
by: Anonymous

Offending a neighbor may happen but saving a dog is worth it. Start by saying what a wonderful dog they have then say from your experience and research you "feel" this is it can be very hard on and dangerous to the dog. Make them think about it. Print out some references to show them.

Be an advocate
by: Anonymous

Advocate for the dog. don't care what neighbors think. cold is just as bad as heat. is there shelter? water?

Regional laws
by: Anonymous

Many states and cities have laws about keeping animals outdoors without proper shelter, food, and water. I would call your local animal control or even your vet and ask. Maybe print something out about those laws and leave it on their door. Try to educate them first, then if you don't see a change, file a complaint with animal control and cite those laws.

State laws
by: Anonymous

Research what laws apply to animals being left outdoors in cold weather. You can also call local Animal Control or your vet to get more information. Try educating them by printing a copy of those laws and placing it in their mailbox. If that doesn't work, file a complaint with animal control.

Aussies are much tougher than you think
by: Dave

I have lived in Alaska for 59 years and there are a LOT of dogs up here that never come inside. They are out all winter at temps of -50 or more. My Aussie stays inside, but mainly because we love him to pieces and WANT him with us. He wants to be with us too although at times he does stay out on the porch for hours without getting cold.

That said I think perhaps what I would find offensive in the situation you describe is if the dog was being ignored or neglected all day as these dogs need the stimulus of people who care for them in their lives.

Out in the Cold
by: Tom

I animal control or even the ASPCA.

Sometimes we need to speak for animals !
by: Anonymous

I bet you that they don't forget to bring in their cell phone ! Sorry , but I have an Aussie and a Sheltie . I never let them outside with out me . I keep a close eye on them and the way they act . I keep them socialized with other pets and people . have my dogs outside all day is not going to happen . My suggestion , have a little chat with the SPCA . I would skip talking to these people . They should know better , makes you also wonder if they are up to date on their health exams ? Animals can't speak , we have to speak sometimes for them.

Dogs can tolerate cold
by: Anonymous

Aussies have two undercoats. They love the cold! I have even seen small dogs with thin fur that prefer to be outside down to 20 degrees. When it is subzero temps, my aussies still don't want to come inside. Do not call animal control for no reason.

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