How Do I Train My Hyper, Jumpy And Biting Dog?

How do I train my 1 yr old Australian Shepherd to not jump on us and not nibble at my ankle?

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Trips to dog park and toys
by: Richard

We have not have that problem with our three aussies. We do spend at least 2 hours 4 days a week at the dog park, they have a pool and the "kids" love it. We also spend a fortune in toys. Jack, our 6 year old, is a ball and frisbee dog actually obsessive. Zoey, our 4 year old herds Jack and is a natural agility dog and we think Ozzy our 6 month old will be a combination of both.

re: jumping/biting
by: kym

It sounds like your Aussie maybe isn't getting enough exercise to take care of the excess energy. What he is doing is natural except for he can't do it to livestock like he was bred to do. Your dog needs a job or frequent trips to the dog park or anywhere he can run. Agility classes are great,or depending on your area you can find places that offer herding classes.

by: Aussie Owner

I have a three year old Aussie, and I've had many Aussie owners ask me the same. Sounds like you have a great working Aussie. The breed has not been registered for very long.. under 20 years I believe, and that is b/c Aussie lovers feared that the breed would be watered down into a 'family dog'. With the amazing drive to work in them, this is a shame. Some Aussies are becoming watered down... but, my point is yours is not. You have a real, hard working Aussie. Track down a trainer and get him herding, in agility and obedience classes. They need to learn and be stimulated.. and if not they will make their own games. Sounds like yours has. You need to harness that energy and use it for good. My Aussie started going a bit crazy when I lost my farm. Her job of herding the horses and riding with me suddenly was missing, so I started working a few days a week at a farm that I can bring her to, and she's gone back to a happy girl.

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