How Long Does It Take For Undercoat To Grow Back?

by Jessie
(North Carolina)

Before blowing coat

Before blowing coat

How long does it usually take for the undercoat to grow back out fluffy after first time being completely blown? My Chloe blew her coat during her first heat. It started during the first week of July and was totally blown mid August.

She still looks very scruffy and scraggly. Her "butt fluff" has grown to about 1/2 an inch (her butt was totally bare). She's now 13.5 months old and she was 9 months old when she blew her coat.

Side note: we think she may have a thyroid issue. She's only 16 inches tall and about 15-17 pounds. (She was the runt of the litter.) I did not tape or glue her ears. That's why she has prick ears.

I also plan on doing blood testing and DNA testing at yearly vet visit.

She is not a mini; I have seen her parents.

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Blown coat
by: Jackie

Seriously, I'd take her in for her vet check. My Ellie is almost 5 years old and blows her coat every season and it's never been as extreme as what you've described. None of our Aussies have been that extreme. Ellie is as fluffy befor, during and after the heavy shedding. Good luck.

Blown coat
by: Anonymous

My daughter and my friends mini's did the same thing as your dog. They blew there coats in the summer and they are just now looking good again. My standards never did that and I know you said she is a standard. I would definitely have the vet check her. Sounds like you think she may have a thyroid problem and that does affect hair growth.
Best of luck with your pretty girl.

by: jessie

Shes starting to look alot better. Her butt fluff is starting to look fluffier. She may be just a slow grower. Ive noticed she has gotten longer. Shes just 2 inches below bottom of standard height per akc guidelines. I had to buy a coffee grinder and grind her food up. Not shes eating great and gaining weight too.

Thanks for the replies.

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