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How Much Activity Is Enough for a Puppy?

by Natalie W

Hi everyone, We are going to be getting our first puppy, a Mini Australian Shepherd, on May 5th :) We are all very excited (my husband, son 12, daughter 11 and I) for him to arrive.

We have always wanted an Australian Shepherd based on how easy they are to train, great family dogs, adorable, their character, etc. After officially putting our deposit down I have been panicking a little reading many articles that say Aussies need a lot of activity, training and a job to do or they will get into whatever they can if they are bored.

I knew they needed activity, but I am freaking myself out I think on how much is needed and just don't know.

My question is: How much activity is enough? Will we be able to relax with him? Do we need to train him for most of the day?

I have been watching Kikopup on YouTube and really like her style for training so I am planning on using her approach. Just very nervous because I want to do it right for our new family member and us :)

What do your days look like on an average family day for you and your family? Thank you so much for any advice to this paranoid pre-puppy parent! I just want to make sure I train him the right way and get to love up on him without being in my head the whole time.

Comments for How Much Activity Is Enough for a Puppy?

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Great dogs
by: Anonymous

We have a regular size Aussie, he is almost seven months old. He is very active. Has to be taken out daily for an hour or two of walks, hikes, etc. Once a week he goes to doggy daycare for some socialization.

They do need lots of attention and activity or they become restless and destructive. But they like mental exercises too. It's all very rewarding though. Best dogs ever.

by: Anonymous

I have a 9-month-old Mini Aussie. It's just me and him and I work most of the day so he stays in his crate. I try to go home for a short walk during my lunch break and we usually walk around an hour when I get home from work. Obviously, on weekends he gets a lot more exercise when the weather is good outside. I don't have a yard that he can run around in so our walks/going to the park/hiking is really the only exercise he gets.

He does get restless sometimes but I try to get him toys that will use mental stimulation. He loves his Kong which I usually freeze with peanut butter/kibble inside. And training is very important but it's not something you need to do all day long. They are very smart and catch on very quickly. But they will get bored easily if you try to train for long periods of time.

It's going to be worth it!

Thank you
by: Natalie W

Thank you both very much for your comments. I appreciate it and am soaking it all in. :)

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