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How Much Do Australian Shepherds Shed?

by Daniela

I would prefer the answer from an Aussie owner, but do Aussies shed a lot? Will the fur be EVERYWHERE like a German Shepherd? Will we live in a fur ball? Or are they easy to groom, not that much hair. From 1 to 10, how bad are they?

Comments for How Much Do Australian Shepherds Shed?

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by: Nonnie / Dee Cutshall

We have two female Aussies. They shed a lot!! You will need to brush your Aussie once a week. You will need an undercoat rake. Keeping her undercoat under control will help a lot.

All that said ... Doesn't matter !! Aussies are the best dogs ever. They are worth the effort.

Let us know what you decide.

by: Anonymous

We have two Aussies. The first year it was not that bad. The second year it seemed worse. They shed a lot, like a German Shepherd.
We had our carpets removed and put in wood floors so we could sweep everyday. Of course we have two so it seems worse.
However their sweetness and love they give makes up for it many times over.

by: Gayle-- Big Run Aussies

Aussies shed seasonally -- spring and fall -- spring being the worse. Females shed less than males. I have friends with GSDs and I can't believe how much hair can come out of one dog! My dogs do not shed much at all in the winter, but I live in the upper midwest and they love to be outside in the snow. Yes, Aussies shed, but I don't think nearly as much as a GSD.

by: Anne

I own 4 aussies at the present time and am an aussie breeder. The climate you live in has a lot to do with how often and how much? In the South where it is more tropical, our aussies shed a lot. We usually shave the older aussies down for the summer. That has helped a lot. Our older aussies are 10 and 13 years old. I try not to shave the younger aussies as often.
Females that are not spayed, will have more hormonal coat changes... shedding or "blowing" coat more often. Spayed and neutered aussies keep more coat all year long. That is not always true either.
Please brush and groom your aussies often.
This helps with them getting less matts and undercoat.
Hope that helps. Please e-mail me if you need more information.

Anne Calmes
Gold Ring Aussies
Louisiana, USA

by: Millie

They are worth every hair they shed! i have an aussie and had one before, both had double coats. Buy a furminator at the pet store. They are great! Takes tons of the under coat out nicely and keeps hair really nice. Keeps them looking "new" all the time. They are the greatest dogs ever.

6 or 7
by: Cammo

6 or 7.
They shed a lot, but it's natural. So you can't change that, all's you gotta do is control it.

Sheds a 10
by: Anonymous

They shed about a 10! If shedding is a concern, I would not get one. My dark floors require daily maintenance. If I vacuum them in the morning, they are full of hair my mid-day.

shedding of a Aussie
by: Dianne

The shedding only happens in the fall, along with allergies

by: Anonymous

My aussie has a beautiful, shiny, silky coat and only sheds (blows coat) twice a year. When that happens he sheds a ton but in between he hardly sheds. My friend has two aussies. One has fur like mine that doesn't shed and the other one has coarser fur that sheds year around. Regardless, they are wonderful dogs.

Love on 4 legs.
by: Dave

My Shepherd 'Focus" is now 8 years old and sheds a lot but considering the love and affection you get in return it's a small price to pay.
If I had a dollar for every time she makes me smile I'd be a millionaire ! They are just the best mates on four legs. The Furminators do a great job and she looks forward to regular brushings on her special "Brushie" table. Discover the real meaning of life... get an Aussie Shepherd.

Western Australia.

by: Anonymous

Yes mine sheds but u just have to brush daily with rake brush. But if u own one it won't matter about the upkeep because they are the best dogs to own

our austrailian shepard does shed at all
by: Anonymous

Our dog is supposedly Australian Shepard and border collie. He has the markings of a Bernice mountain dog. His hair is long like lassie. Go figure??? He does not shed at all.

Mini=Light Shedder, Standard=Medium
by: Anonymous

We have a purebred mini aussie and I don't know if this is normal or not for minis (vs standards), but she literally has no undercoat, so she barely sheds. the hair she does shed are individual long black hairs as opposed to the tumbleweeds of undercoat most standard aussies shed (we've also had a standard aussie). so our mini really never needs brushed, never has mats, doesn't blow coat, and sheds less than our long haired cat so she even gets to sleep in our bed. again, not sure if this is normal for minis or if we just got lucky. our standard aussie was a medium shedder--- much better than the GSD and golden retriever our families had, but did blowcoat seasonally and year round would leave hair clumps on the carpet wherever they laid.

by: Anonymous

I am dog sitting an aussie and this guys doesn't shed at all! Im amazed! I have two Golden Retrievers of my own and we ingest golden hair on a daily basis... but this aussie doesn't shed!!!! its wonderful!!

Mini Aussie Shed 2x year
by: Anonymous

Our mini has a very thick undercoat and blows that 2x a year for about 2-3 weeks each time, spring and fall. It's amazing how much hair comes out of 1 dog, but using the rake brush everyday during that shedding period helps a lot. She leaves "tufts" of hair everywhere she lays during that time, so vacuuming is a must. During that 2-3 week each time she sheds awfully (rate a 10) but doesn't shed throughout the year (rate a 1). I hate a shedding dog but she's worth it.

Aussie's are the best dogs
by: Troy

Best dogs ever. Amen

by: Anonymous

It's crazy how much my mother in laws mini sheds!! Her dog will be in my house for a couple of hours and I have to sweep and vacuum immediately after she leaves because I can literally see little piles of hair everywhere. Her mini sheds more than my Labrador.

barely shed's
by: Anonymous

Not sure how i got so lucky, but i have an aussie who is 1/8 german, that barely sheds in spring and fall. Best Dog ever live Aussie's.

by: Reini

I have a 4 year old mini australian shepherd and she sheds a lot. She's a little fur ball. I figured out that brushing her when she gets a bath and one or two more times throughout the week helps. I use a "slicker brush". It's a brush made for dogs with thick fur or an undercoat. I also use the Top Paw brand dog shampoo and conditioner with a shed control formula. If you don't like the dog shampoo that smells like human shampoo, don't worry. This stuff doesn't make your dog smell like a hairdresser. This helps me keep the floors as fur free as possible and I hopes it helps you too.

My 4 yr old Aussie hasn't shed yet, June 2016
by: Anonymous

My 4 yr old Aussie got into cockle burrs last fall. It was so bad we had no choice but shave her down to "peach fuzz" . Her fur was so packed with cockleburs that her coat came off almost in one piece. Like shearing a sheep.

Well she grew a new under coat for the winter then instead of shedding it she just grew a lovely long overcoat. She has upright ears and a full brush tail. Her tail fur is over 9 inches long now.

I brush her everyday with a long coarse comb and a brush. I get about small fur bunny a day at best. Maybe she is just shedding a little and I don't notice.

My vac seems to get a lot of dog hair and Roomba my robot vac gets a lot but not anymore than when I got her 2 years ago.

I thought she would drop tufts everywhere but I see very little.

Do you think shaving her disrupted her fur growth?

Our Aussie
by: Anonymous

Our Aussie sheds daily. I have to empty the Roomba 3 times each cleaning. Then, she sheds more after the roomba. They are the sweetest dogs you can ever have!!! But expect to clean up the fur daily!!

More shedding
by: Anonymous

Brushing once o week... haha we brush twice a day. Once in the morning to get straightened and again at night to get the field stickers out. I also take her collar off and do a neck brush. Samantha has the longest coat I've ever seen on an Aussie. We love it though!

Shedding almost all the time
by: Anonymous

Our white, blind and deaf Aussie double merle seems to shed all year long. We have mild summers here in the Sierra and our Fluffy doesn't get rid of his winter coat until the next one comes in. Recently we got a TruTouch glove and that helps alot because he loves to be petted and doesn't balk at the wondeful hair removal system. However, beware of black clothing and soft fabrics that act as fur magnets. Carry a wire brush and tape for sprucing up before you attend an event. It also helps to have leather seats in your car. Don't be put off by all this. Our dog is worth every effort we make to keep him and our home a fluff free as possible.

Out of control shedding
by: Summer


Selling a lie
by: Anonymous

I spoke with a breeder from Summers Co Wv who bluntly told me anyone who says that a shepherd sheds is a lier! She actually got very rude with me! And my daughter has a male and he sheds pretty bad but we love him! Didn't appreciate being called a lier!! Let's just say I won't be buying a dog from Meadows Family! I guess I messed up her post on fb by saying that they actually do shed. How sad that will send dogs to people under false pretenses.

About Aussies from an Aussie
by: Anonymous

I don't know if Aussies shed as I don't have one; although I think they look beautiful dogs.
I am a dog lover and owner, as well as an Australian, so the interesting thing for me when I came to the USA was to find out there is a breed here I had never heard of or seen in Australia called the Australian Shepherd!

Shedding Australian Shepherds
by: Anonymous

I have 2 Aussies. They are both black and seem to shed multiple times a year. I brush them every single day. It may help, but the hair they leave on my carpet drives me nuts. It is August 12 and they are in a heavy shedding mode right now. I have read they only shed spring and winter. Not true! They are adorable, but if I had known what a mess I was in for I would not have gotten them. I had golden retrievers who shed very little compared to these 2. I do not believe shaving dogs is good for them. They have coats to insulate them. So I vacuum a lot. Whether it's my kitchen wood floor, or carpeted areas. If you like a lot of work, get an Aussie.

Sheds so much I can make an sweater every week
by: ArgosTheAussie

My Australian Shepherd, Argos, is 5 years old now and the shedding hasn't stopped! I highly recommend purchasing a FURminator brush. It's been my best friend ever since I brought Argos home. His hair comes out in small clumps all over the house so usually early in the morning I brush him out outside and then wait until I see clumps again which is usually that same night. The FURminator brush also works well on carpet, I'd say better than a vacuum. So yes, personally my Aussie sheds like there's no tomorrow but it's all worth it. He's my companion and he also has fun with the little wisps of hair that come off of him when I brush him.

by: Anonymous

My Aussie and I live in Minn. it gets warm and humid in the summer and azz freezing cold in the winter. Samantha has a long fine outer coat and a very thick dense undercoat. She sheds year around. Much more in the spring and summer. Our appt is really a mess. I vacuum weekly and Roomba the robot runs every couple days. There still are fur bunnies daily. She has her own blanket on the bed and couch but she likes to sleep on my clothes, so I have to leave pants and underwear on the floor to accommodate her.

The dryer filter gets packed with fur just about every load.

I have to vacuum my truck and two Streetrods every week just to keep up. It's hard to believe one dog can drop that much fur continuously.

Now that I give her coconut oil with her meals her fur has become silky smooth and light so there is plenty floating around in the air.

Be sure to blow out you computer regularly too.


I live to vacuum
by: Anonymous

Our Australian Shepherd sheds gobs all year long. Doesn't matter how often i brush her. We live in SW Virginia

10-10 Sheds
by: Anonymous

I own one Aussie, and he sheds a lot. Everywhere he sheds on the carpet under the tables. Anywhere he walks always sheds. But I can get mad at him his kindness and sweetness is too kind.

by: Brandon

I have a male Blue Merle, 3 years old, that sheds constantly. It is worse during the spring and summer, but he still leaves large tumble weeds of fur around the home year round. Brushing out his fur twice a week helps manage the amount that finds it's way on to the hardwood floors. Regardless, Its a constant battle to keep the floors clean.
Last summer I gave him a buzz cut to free up my time from sweeping and it worked really well. I quickly learned that i have no future in dog grooming, but he didn't seem to mind.

Aussie shedding
by: Anonymous

My wife and I rescued a 3 month old Australian Shepherd, which she is about 3 now. I have NEVER seen any dog shed as much as she does. The amounts are so insane. We regularly brush her and no change. Fortunately, that’s the only fault she has. It makes it easier to accept the shedding when she is such a great dog. One of the smartest, loving, playful, and protective dogs I’ve ever had. I recommend this breed of dog to anyone. All the good my dog has WAY outweighs the shedding issue. If shedding is an issue you can’t accept, do not get an Australian Shepherd. Their coats change so frequently, it’s hard to stay ahead of the shedding. I’ve met many owners for this breed and they all say the same thing. Best dog they’ve ever owned but the shedding is a plenty.

by: Anonymous

We have a 1 year old red tri Aussie, she is so sweet and loving, personality plus. We love her so much. But she sheds so bad!!! we could vacuum 2 x a day. We wouldn't trade her for the world. I am going to try a FURrminator.

Shedding Aussies
by: Anonymous

Yes, Aussies shed, its bad only 2 times a year, but moderate year round. Brush, brush, and brush.

Another shedding story.
by: Anonymous

My female Aussie, Samantha is not shedding heavily this year.

We have had an extraordinary amount of snow and no real spring. She predicted it way last year by growing a very thick underfur and very long outer guardian fur. She loves the deep snow.

I brush her daily and rake her about every other day. If I get a single brush full and a rake full, of fur I’m doing good.

There are fur bunnies around the apartment but nothing out of the ordinary.

Even riding daily in the cars she leaves relatively little fur around.

She looks like a Rough Collie. My Aussie has a full brush tail that she is really proud of. The fur is almost a foot long in places.

So I don’t know if she will shed this year. If she doesn't I’ll know to be ready to turn up the heat in the fall. LOL

by: Anonymous

Yes, our Toy Aussie sheds. I just vacuumed up tons of fur balls but we love him so much. He is a wonderful companion. We went from dogs who don't shed (Miniature Schnauzers) to Toy Aussies who do definitely shed.

Do aussies shed
by: Anonymous

I own two Aussies. The female is a merle and the male is long-haired bi. My female sheds A LOT. I'm always cleaning the sides of my rooms where all the hair collects. But my longer haired male hardly sheds so I would answer like this; yes they do shed but I feel it depends on the dog's coat.

Shedding of the Mini Australian Shepherd
by: Anonymous

I would love to say not much, which is true for 10 months a year. However, you can count on mine like you can the seasons. As soon as the first sign of frost or the first freeze it starts. Usually around Thanksgiving, so be assured you will have dog hair in the Thanksgiving dinner! LOL It's a tradition now in my home as a sign of good luck to the first one to find a Ripley hair (fur) in their food.

My Australian Shepherd Ripley is usually done around Christmas. Just in time for New Years to finally wear that cute black dress. Don't be alarmed as I was when you brush them out to find the entire coat in a mound!

The next shed will be slightly less but still a slot in June as the days begin to get warm. It's a pain but she is worth it in every way. Please groom regularly as it does help to keep the big shed down to a pillow size mound as compared to the blanket size when I neglected.

On a Scale of 1-10, How Much Do They Shed?
by: Anonymous

Australian Shepherds, on a scale of one to ten, shed about a 5, not too much, but they do shed. So if you want a dog that doesn't shed at all, this wouldn't be the dog for you. But these dogs are very loving, and hard working. Great farm dogs.

dog lover
by: Sheree

I used to have 2 full size female Collies. They shed, but after they passed I had 2 Labs, 1 male, 1 female. Compared to Collies, their hair was everywhere, no matter how much I brushed them. Collies were way easier. I hope to adopt 2 female Australian Shepherds soon. Would love feedback.

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