How Much Do Australian Shepherds Shed?

by Janna
(Las Vegas, Nevada)

Do Australian Shepherds shed? If so how much?

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Aussie shedding
by: Linda

I've had three Aussies and they do shed a lot. We have found that if we take them to the groomer every few weeks and have them trimmed it reduces the amount of hair by quite a bit. My groomer explained that they have a double coat and are designed for being out in the fields. Keeping them trimmed has helped And the shedding is greatly reduced.

A lot!
by: Richard Bryant

Be prepared to brush twice a week and you will have hair under control and beautiful pups. I use rake, furminator, shedding blade and brush in that order. 20 minutes per dog. It's worth every minute.

It depends
by: Anonymous

My Aussie is from herding lines. She has that type coat, not the fluffy coat of the dog show lines of Aussies. She is an indoor dog with lots of outdoor time with me. She sheds once in spring and once in fall - not a lot either time, but I can tell that she's shedding. For the months in between, she loses hair but not very much at all, nothing compared to a retriever for example. I flea comb her every night, and get just a little hair. I have had no personal experience with the show lines, but have read a lot of comments about a LOT of shedding. So it appears to depend on which type Aussie you get.

by: Anonymous

Yes, I would say as much as a shepherd or collie or other similar coated haired dog.

by: Anonymous

No more than a lab... it just seems like more because the hair is longer. I know because I have both!

by: Gayle--Big Run Aussies

It depends on the climate where you live. My get an extra heavy undercoat in winter and barely shed during that time. They shed a lot in the spring. Many people take their Aussies to the groomer to remove that undercoat. Terminators break off the hair, rather than removing the dead coat. A coat rake works good as does a wide toothed collie comb.

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