How Much Dog Food?

by Pippa

My adorable 2-1/2 yr old Mini Aussie had a hair cut only to find she is overweight. Now 30lbs. I thought it was her long coat. She has no waist!

I have been feeding her Kirkland brand dry food from Costco 3/4 cup twice a day and she has been doing very well on it. (Too well apparently!) lots of exercise and stimulation and is a very happy smart pup.

I have started her on 1/2 cup a day plus carrots to see if that helps. Is this too little? She gets carrots as treats now too which she loves. She is about 15 inches at the shoulders.

I would like to keep her on Kirkland as it is rated highly and affordable. My other dog (Springer) is on the most expensive food I think there is for medical problems.


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How much food?
by: Anonymous

We have two Aussies. One is 8 and the other is 6. They both get 3/4th cup in morning and another at suppertime. I give them NO treats. I give them fresh apple pieces (no seeds) for treats. I also give them cooked carrots with their night meal. They get 1/2 tsp of coconut oil on their food at night. They are doing well. The older of the two lost weight. We give them Taste of the Wild and they love it. Good luck.

weight reduction
by: Dusty

Dusty is about 4 years old, stands about 14" at her shoulders and weighs about 16 #. She has been on a weight reduction program for the last year plus, starting out at about 19#. She eats Natures Variety Healthy Weight brand that has 347kcal/cup ...your Kirkland has 390kcal/cup...I didn't check contents...Dusty gets 1/2 cup/ day, divided between three meals plus controlled healthy treats during the day...she gets several short walks and one long run for exercise...she is very active and alert....she has ideal body proportions at her current weight. we are monitoring her weight now at this feeding schedule to maintain her current weight...good luck with your pup

Over weight
by: Pippa

I also feed my mini Kirkland food. Started with 1/2 cup twice a day and she got to 29lbs and no waist. The vet said to try 1/3 cup twice a day and she is now 24 lbs and has a waist! She gets carrots as a treat and sometimes other healthy tidbits. She is 4 years old and adorable and very happy.

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