How Often Should You Walk A Puppy

How often should I walk my Aussie puppy?

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by: Anonymous

how old is youe pup? they say for every month he is old, e.g" one month every hour, two months every twp hours, etc., it also depends how much waer he drinks. being that its summer, if he is out alot, plays hard, and drinks alot, he may need to go out alot. remember their bladders are still small, and they are just learning to hold it, and when to let go etc., in general I would say walk them often, until they learn to hld it more and more, as they grow olde, and better understand. best to you.

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by: Anonymous

Try a new perspective. Instead of "How many times should I walk my Aussie?" think more along the lines of "How many ways can I get my Aussie exercise?" like maybe instead of walking, try running with your pup, taking your pup to obedience classes (it tires them out) playing with your pup in the yard, swimming, having a neighbor dog over for playtime, doing 15 minute training sessions in different places, etc." Good Luck!

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