How Old Do Mini Australian Sheperds Have To Be To Be Abile To Breed?

I have a Mini Aussie and she is 11 months old. When will I be able to get her bred?

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by: Gayle-- Big Run Aussies

Being a breeder is a huge responsibility! You must have clearances on hips and eyes. A final on hips can't be done until your pup is 2. I am not certain what other tests need to be done on mini aussies. You could ask her breeder about that. Aussies are extremely slow maturing. I NEVER breed my girls before 3 years and sometimes not before 5.
Puppies are a lot of work. Are you home to properly socialize and care for the needs of puppies? Do you have homes for those pups? There are so many Aussies and other breeds in rescue.
I have a 13 month old Aussie and even though I have had requests for pups from her, I will not breed her until she is 3-- in the very least. I am enjoying Bryn as a pup herself! We are having fun in rally,frisbee and agility. Maybe you could try some of these things before you think about breeding your pup.

by: Debbie T.

I have a mini aussie named Gypsy and have been thinking about breeding also. I have read online that you should wait until she is a least 18 months and not to breed during the first heat cycle.

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