How Old Does My Female Australian Shepherd Have To Be To Breed Her?

I want my female Aussie to have puppies, and she's a year old. But I don't want to hurt her by making her have babies to early. So how old does she have to be?

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How Old to Breed My Female
by: Marilyn

I first have to ask you why are you breeding her? If is not beneficial for your dog or for the exploding overpulation of dogs and cats in North America, in fact the world these days. Check out your local rescues and shelters, humane society and uspca, you will see their facilities are overflowing with abandoned, homeless and owner surrendered pets. It is heartbreaking knowing that litter of puppies are being thrown in the trash, off bridges etc. and you want to breed more? Think of the hundreds of thousands being cruely euthanized daily because there simply aren't enough homes to house all of these beautiful animals.
I work with animals rescue and the emotional load is very heavy looking at the haunting faces of innocent animals daily. Please reconsider :-) If you are not even sure what a good breeding age for you lovely dog is, why???
I just ask you to do a little research before you add to the problem. The world wide web is a good place to see the reality of the suffering from overbreeding.

Thank you.

breeding your Aussie
by: Anne

The answer to your question is 2 years old, when the bones are fully grown and strong. BUT Breeding your Aussie is very involved and a real commitment to do right by the breed, puppies and momma. I do Aussie Rescue also and I agree with the Marilyn who commented before myself. Why, I f you don't have all the puppies spoken for before you breed and all the health clearances are done and passed by your girl. You have a lot to consider with certain colors we breed together,epilepsy, eye problems, hip problems
and it goes on. If you would like to talk to me further I would love to educate you. But Please research everything about our aussies and breeding.
I encourage you to contact me privately

Anne Calmes
Gold Ring Aussies
Louisiana, USA

Be very careful breeding your Aussie
by: Ava

Before you breed your Aussie you need to do research. You can only breed an Aussie with a certain other type of Aussie. If cross breed you end up with deaf puppies, blind puppies or dead puppies. Shelters are full of puppies that are deaf because people think Aussies can be breed with any other dog or type--THEY CAN'T--

You are safest to not breed, but just enjoy your Aussie girl.

Please call your vet and talk to them before breeding your Aussie.

breeding age
by: Anonymous

you can breed her as early as 12 months old but she needs to be at least 80% of her adult body weight which should be somewhere around 40lbs. I would recommend breeding her around 18 months to allow further bone development. if she is a merle do not breed her to a male blue/red merle it will have a 25% or great chance of having puppies that are deaf or blind.

Breed her
by: Anonymous

Year old is fine like any dog make sure In Good health.
She will have 6-10 pups usually if breeding with bigger dog chance of problems cause she is small. takes two months to have pups so be ready

by: Anonymous

I don't believe it is anyone's place here to outright discourage breeding. Surely, there are consequences, and educating an interested person on their extent is appropriate. However, to say that someone shouldn't is hypocritical if you yourself breed them. I am sure you must carry a golden assumption that you are a perfect, caring breeder and that any layman can never equal your prowess.

To the OP, breed your dog at will. But continue to educate yourself on your breed's genetics, special concerns for breeding (like you are now doing), and definitely talk to your vet and have them examine your precious pup and clear her for breeding activity.

Good luck!

My Aussie
by: Anonymous

We have a 4 year old Aussie and she will not breed to our male Aussie and he is about 8 years old and he has bread with a female.

how old does my female ausdie have to be when i breed her ?
by: cynder

My puppy is eight months old. I would like to know if, after she is in heat once, can I breed her?

what age to breed an ozzie female
by: Anonymous

your reply has nothing to do with the question..

Breeding your Aussie
by: Angel_the_aussie

If you have a murle you can't breed it with a murle. You have to breed a murle with a tri. Those are 2 different types of Aussies. Or you will have puppies with 3 toes and stuff like that. I mean it does not have to be 2 years, her 2nd time she is in heat will work the same. If your dog was in the wild she would have puppies on her first heat, and they would probily still be healthy. I have an Aussie also, and in January 2017 she is going to have puppies. I know it sounds bad to breed dogs but I am not going to breed her 100 times. And I'm not just going to give the puppies to people who I don't know. I mean your not going to give the puppies to someone who has a record of abuse and would abandon them in the shelter. If my dogs puppies could not be cared for any more from there new home I would take them back. I would say if your going to breed your dog have like 2 litters then get her fixed so she does not have to deal with being in heat all the time.

Some people and their advice.
by: Anonymous

Hi i just got done reading the comments about breeding your dog. I can't believe that some people have the nerve to tell other people not to breed any more dogs. I love my dog and she loves to have puppies. She is the best mom ever. I love seeing the joy on the peoples faces that get a chance to adopt my beautiful puppies. Just because some people don't take care of their puppies or dogs is no reason for you to tell someone they shouldn't have puppies. It has given me so much joy and love in my life. How dare you pass judgement on someone else who wants to have that experience.

Hey merilyn if your still interested my mini Aussie stud
by: Will

I have an awesome purebred akc mini stud when you're ready let's let them meet

Breeding my Aussie
by: Gemcityjeff

I have a blue merle and am looking forward very much to breeding her. She was born on 10/18/2016 and she has just come in heat this week at 16 months old. Problem being, I'm not sure if I should go ahead and breed her or if I should wait until her next cycle. I was thinking about breeding her with a tri mini since she isn't fully grown yet. Love to find one that's not too awful far away. And it would need to be before the 1st of March. I know that's now a lot of time. but please let me know if you think you think you could be a candidate. Also plmk if you think she may be too young. Thanks, Jeff

female breeding
by: Anonymous

How old is considered old for a female to be bred? What's the stopping age for females? Just curious?
So to not have complications?

Is a 4 year old female mini Aussie too old to breed for th
by: Cpcc

I have a four year old mini Aussie female that I'm considering breeding for the first time with my black tri mini. They are both good natured and of good form and health. I'm only considering breeding because I want a pup from their line and others have asked me about pups from them. I am a responsible owner and pet lover so please don't preach the virtues of pet ownership to me. I just want to know is it safe to breed "Minnie" (no joke, that's her name) for the first time at the age of 4.

I have a two year old male in washington
by: Anonymous

Willing to travel, and I can guarantee some of the puppies. PM me at He is an allblack. Not a merle, so he could breed with any type of Aussie.

How old does my female Australian shepherd have to be to breed her?
by: Anonymous

Hi, I found this site while searching for the same topic for my red by-colored mini Aussie. Its my grandsons dog and shes been staying with me for a bit until we could get some training done. I also have a blue Marie/tri-color, blue eyes small standard Aussie. I hadn't planned on breeding them together, but when she went into heat, that same week my mother ended up in the hospital and I had to suddenly leave them and I wasn't able to be at home with my dogs. I think shes now pregnant, (oh boy 😑) and now hoping that she's going to be okay. She is such a loving dog and so sweet. His temperament is amazing too! He pretty much a b.s. as moms service dog cause he won't leave her at all when I'm gone. Yes a huge comfort to her always and very mellow, non-aggressive and watchful, always. And smart as can be! I believe my Aussie female is about 6 months old and I k ow that's not the best age already. Any suggestions as to best plan of action to ensure the health of mom & babies is greatly appreciated. Thank you! However, if you're just going to tell me how awful of a dog owner I am, then please do not respond. I don't need lectures or any negative luggage right now, thank you. I have my 91 yr old mom in the hospital & my dogs to deal with. Miss me on all the other junk. 😒🤐

Did you read?
by: CCC

Please answer the question and don't editorialize. The question was at what age can you breed your female? Not do I have your permission to breed my female. The answer: Wait until her second heat cycle.

Breeder judgments...
by: TG

Yeah that was one nasty judgment.
You could say the same of people ... there are plenty of unwanted children in orphanages all over the world and yet women STILL have children...
Get over yourself.

Hope this helps
by: Anonymous

I have a 4 year old red Merle and he was born in the same litter as his tri color brother and blue and Tri black color sisters I too am looking forward to breeding him and I'm on the look out for a proper mate for me to just love and also have a few for local farmers who need good breeds like Aussies. The best answer I can give is if you got him from a good breeder they should have no problem with helping you find out all the answers to your questions my breeders live in Fred Texas and only deal with Aussies at Smokin S farm.Sge told me the day I got him he was the last stud of his particular blood line and when he is of age to let her know so I could have helped finding the right female for him. She said no matter the color coat you can absolutely not mix simulator blood lines or the puppies will suffer from inbreeding. So with all the what do I do to know for sure with out all the negative feed back please contact a ckc akc breeder or adoption center for this particular breed for the most accurate information. And they are always more kind to the dog and owner than these random postings.

Seriously Marilyn???
by: Anonymous

Did you have to go into a typical liberal rant instead of just answering the question? What business is it of yours to why this person wishes to breed her own dog? Maybe they want to keep the dogs for themselves because of the pleasant disposition of the male and female. Regardless, it's not your place to get on a soapbox and push your agenda on someone. Period. Stay off these posts if you have nothing positive to say to all of the responsible animal lovers who visit these websites.

To the person Marilyn just bashed.....I'm apologizing for her. God bless you.

Reply to everyone
by: Anonymous

Breed your dog if you want! I am. I am like a concerned mother when it comes to selling them though which I am sure you will be too! Do research make sure your dog is a good fit. Back to your question though just make sure they are close to being fully mature so it doesn’t stunt their growth and be as hard on them... I would wait 1.5 years if you can just for the well being of your female. To the people who say to adopt that’s great too! However, don’t tell me everyone needs to stop breeding dogs for the simple fact that then dogs will go extinct if you have your way. Also, don’t tell me that there isn’t numerous dogs that end up back in shelters they were adopted from, or in others. If you want to have puppies go for it! If you want to adopt go for it! Bottom line is that if you are going to breed you have to be willing to take them back or rehome them which the OP is I’m sure. At the end of the day though you can’t fix stupid and what people end up doing no matter if you are careful about who you sell to, or not they will do what they do and you just have to hope for the best. I’m totally for adopting dogs, but at the same time I raise working Aussies and it is no where near as easy to train an older dog to work livestock as it is to start them when they are young. I also truly believe I am doing it to develop the breed for the better even more and not just getting 2 dogs and having puppies because they are cute.

by: MichelleArmendariz110618

I have a 4 month old mini Aussie pure breed. I would like to breed him. But what age should I breed him?

Breeding mini/toy aussies
by: Anonymous

I doubt your male is mature enough to successfully mount a female, but give him until he is at least a year or a year and a half. As for females, never breed them on their first heat cycle. Otherwise, you’re probably looking at a costly c-section, loosing puppies, and probably spading her because of pregnancy complications. She needs time to get fully grown and for her sweet body to be fully developed and prepared to successfully carry a litter of pups. Always enter into the breeding process prepared for expensive vet bills should she have complications. As pet owners, if we allow our dogs to breed, then we must be responsible for that outcome and ready to pay the cost to save the mother regardless. If you’re not prepared to do whatever is necessary to save her life if this does not go well, then don’t breed her, please. Ultimately, she is your top priority here when you make the decision to breed her. If you’re prepared to pay the costs should things go sour, then, by all means, breed her when she’s old enough. But if costly vet care and expenses are an issue, then you need to rethink this.

beautiful mini aussi looking to breed
by: geoff

Anyone that could hate on breeding these beauties has some serious issues. Keep your comments to yourself and take a walk or something to pass all the extra time you have in your life. I have a gorgeous Mini Aussie that I am looking to breed with an equally as good looking stud.

Please only reply if legit.

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