How Old Is Too Old For An Australian Shepherd To Breed - Female?

How old is too old for an Aussie female to breed? Our dog is 12.

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Too old to breed.
by: Anonymous

Please don't even consider trying to breed this dog!!!!! I thought maybe you were joking when I first read this but fear you are serious. If you've never bred this dog why isn't she spayed? You are lucky you still have her. She is well into her senior years.

Health Issues
by: Anonymous

I'm sorry to hear you have a 12 year old dog that is unspayed! I have to agree you are lucky to still have this dog! Please do Not breed her! Both male and female dogs of any breed have a huge increase in their risk of cancer if they are kept intact and not bred. Females can develop cervical or uterine cancer and males testicular cancer, etc. You don't do your dog any favours by not spaying and neutering.

Yes she can :)
by: Anonymous

My ChowChow raised her last big litter at 12 :) however every dog is different and i suggest seeing a vet and asking if she is healthy for it. Breeding dogs seems to be frowned upon these days, so the vet may lecture you a bit but do what you love :) I would love to breed my dog with an Auzzie :) (He is a gorgeous husky)

Who's going to answer the question as to how old is too old to breed an Australian Shepard
by: Anonymous

How old is too old?

Breeding aussie
by: Anonymous

In my opinion, i think shes too old. Pregnancy is a hard thing for even young dogs to go though. Shes 12 years old and has never had a litter. I think it could be too hard on her as she is already a senior. But if your intent on this you should speak with a vet and have them do a complete check up on her.

NZ Standards & Practice
by: Anonymous

In April 2014 The NZ Kennel Club ran a survey of registered members to identify views on a number of welfare issues. One issue was breeding standards & practices and the question was 'No matings at or after the age of 8' to which 91% of members agreed

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