How Old Should My Dog Be To Start Playing With The Frisbee?

Hello all! My 10 month old Australian Shepherd, Mason, really likes to play with the Frisbee. I enjoy playing with him too! He is really good at it, but sometime lands funny and he begins to limp. This concerns me. I was just wondering if there is a certain age they should start at? Or is this just a normal part of the process? Any answers would be much appreciated!

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by: Debbie

I thought I read somewhere that they shouldn't jump like that until they are a year old...maybe you check it out...their bones are still aussie is a year old and only likes sticks so far....

by: Anonymous

You should not do any kind of jumping (agility, flyball, frisbee etc etc) until your dog is at least 12 months old as their bones and joints are not strong enough to take the jolting. I would leave frisbee even longer as depending on how well you throw it, how high it goes and that often leads to bad landings and can lead to permanent damage.

by: Nonnie

We have a mini Aussie who also is a frisbee fanatic. We can't even say the word frisbee or she will go nuts. She knows where they are kept. She gets so excited when we ask her if she wants to play or if we get the frisbee. She is so excited the entire time we play that she trembles.

We started playing, gently, about six months. Not so high that she would try to jump for it. We did not start really throwing it until she was a year old. We wanted to be sure her bones were finished growing. I don't know if we could have started earlier or not. We just opted to be safe.

Enjoy playing frisbee with you Aussie. They are such awesome companions.

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