How Short Should I Have My Vet Cut My Aussies Tails?

The mom was a rescue and I think I will have more luck finding them homes if I get their tails docked but I don't know how short to have them done and the vet says its up to me. HELP!!

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Don't do it!
by: Kathy

Don't cut their tails... Leave them the way they are. When someone loves them, they will adopt them. I do not think that is right to put them through that. Just my opinion.

Dock tail
by: Nonnie

Aussie puppies have their tails docked when they are three days old. By doing it this early they have no recollection of it or the pain.

Are you sure this is an Aussie and not a Border Collie? Border Collies typically don't have their tails docked.

How old is the dog?

no need
by: Anonymous

Don't cut the tail after 3 days old. besides, they sell with it without a dock tail (unless they want them for show). I would have preferred mine not had its tail docked (they have such beautiful ones).

Aussies tail
by: Anonymous

My aussie's tail is too short. I wish it was left long. If you look at pictures of aussies with their tails... they are beautiful.

Re: How short for aussie tails
by: Anonymous

The average length is 2 vertibrates long or long enough to covor anus.

by: Anonymous

Are females tails docked shorter or longer than males

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