How To Get My Dog Interested In Frisbee Or Fetching A Ball

by Tiffany
(United States)

I have a 18 mo Aussie and he has no interest in fetching a Frisbee or a ball. Does anyone have any advice on how to get him interested in a ball or Frisbee. One of the many reasons for me getting a Aussie was they loved to play fetch and of course I get one that could careless!

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by: Gayle-- Big Run Aussies

It is said that Alex Stein fed Ashley Whippet out of a frisbee. That's how he became the 1st frisbee dog champion. You could try to do that. You also could try to play frisbee or ball by yourself and see if the dog has any interest in that. Make sure that you start by throwing close and not 50' away. Tease him with the frisbee. Move it under your leg, throw it through your legs. Let him chase it in your hand. Let him see that it is something fun that you and he do together. You could even start by playing tug with it.

Don't be discouraged if he doesn't want to play. My Molly is really good at frisbee, very athletic and can really do a great job of retrieving but she doesn't like it. It's just not her thing and she is the granddaughter of Incredible Dog Challenge, Skyhoundz regional freestyle disc champion, Nellie. Molly likes being my husband's buddy, just hanging out with him or me in the house. The other 2 will be out chasing rabbits, but Molly is laying on the AC vent being cool. However, Molly does like obedience, rally and agility. She also likes visiting as a therapy dog. So, the important thing is to find something that you and your dog like to do together. Maybe that won't be frisbee. You can even set up agility in your yard with things that you can make yourself.

Aussie / Frisbee
by: Nonnie

We have two Aussies. One lives for playing frisbee and literally shakes in excitement. The other one has no desire to play frisbee or chase anything. She will, however, destroy toys that are supposedly indestructible.

good luck!

by: Anonymous

Have you tried a squeaky tennis ball? Initially my aussie didn't want a frisbee or tennis ball. Then I bought a squeaky tennis ball. He loved it. To teach him to bring it back to me, I always started at one spot to throw it. I always retreived it myself and went back to that same spot. Soon after that he started bringing it back to me in the spot. Now he is a total frisbee dog. Good luck.

Fetching a ball
by: Anonymous

I have 2 Aussies (4+yrs & 2+yrs old)neither of which was in the least bit interested in fetching or even chasing a ball until they were nearly 2 years old.

They just suddenly decided that tennis balls were the greatest things to chase and they would only be thrown again if they were put back in my hand. Since then they have both become flyball crazy and regularly compete at local shows.

Getting my aussie interested in toys.
by: Claire

Our Aussie foster dog was the same. Just could not get her to play with toys. I began to wish I had a toy squirrel to throw around because she chases squirrels like crazy. Then I remembered an old rabbit fur winter scarf that I had. I threw it around in the back yard, and she chased it and ripped it to pieces. I tied the pieces on various toys and threw the toys. It worked like a charm as she chased and fetched the toys. Eventually the rabbit fur pieces came off, but she still enjoyed chasing and fetching the toys. See if you can find something similar. Hopefully it works on your dog too.

How can I get my dog interested in frisbee outside?
by: Zachary Bruno

I can play fetch inside the house with my Aussie/Border Collie mix, but when I take her to the park, she really isn't interested. How can I take her mind off the sights and smells and get her interested?


won't play frisbee outside either
by: Nellie

I just spent a month finally teaching my bc to play frisbee in the house. Now I'm stuck at only throwing 3 -4 ft because of no room. For some reason she will not play with any toys, balls, frisbee outside. She'd rather smell, walk, look around. No matter how much jumping, running, or acting like an idiot I do, she doesn't care. Help!

by: Anonymous

Our Aussie only really became interested at 18 months, previously he had wanted to play strange games with two toys at once, where he was the boss and you had to chase him. We got him a squeaky tennis ball when he was 2, as recommended by previous posts, and he loves it. Brings it back every time and drops it in your hand to command. Every time!

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