How To Get My Mini Aussie To Lose Weight

by Tammy
(New Jersey)



My female Aussie is really over weight. We have tried for years to get her to slim down. We have tried a lot of the top brand diet dog food and nothing seems to help. She is about 9 years old now. She only gets dry food and portion according to the bag. We have had her thyroid check 2x's already and that is within normal range.

I am worrying about the getting older and her weight on those little legs! She also has a crusty nose that the vet just seems to blow off. She has had that most of her life. Please keep in mind that I have 2 other dogs as well. I do my best to keep them all separate at dinner, but once in awhile she does steal a couple kibbles from the other bowls. We have a Shepard/Saluki mix a touch older and an indoor Great Pyrnes that just turned 2.

Any advise would be greatly appreciated. Tammy

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Aussie weight loss
by: Anonymous

I am not sure when you posted this comment, I cannot find a date. After we rescued our Aussie (regular sized) and she ballooned up rather quickly from her malnourished past. We were feeding her 2 cups of dry food a day.

We put her on a green bean diet per the suggestion of our vet's nutritionist.He said NOT to use diet dog food just cut her regular food in half or less and add green beans to it. They are a great source of fiber and they give them a "full" feeling. We give her as many green beans as she wants. We also use them as a treat. She loves them and she has lost close to 30 pounds. Hope this helps!

Overweight dog
by: Anonymous

Remember that the portions on the bag are 1) just a starting guideline, and 2) intended to be for the ideal weight of the dog. If your dog weighs 40 pounds and you are feeding her the 40 pound amount, then you are feeding her too much. If her ideal weight is 27, then you need to feed her the recommended amount for a dog that weight.

You may also want to get her thyroid checked, since that can cause unexplained weight gain.

by: Anonymous

Why would you shave your top coat on your dog it protects him or her from the sun and skin cancer

Weight loss
by: Liz

We just took our little Mini to the Vet for her Shots and a check. This last winter she gained weight and has developed a Snore. She is very active, we hike and walk on a regular schedule. Walks Daily with Hikes on the weekend.

My problem, I reduced her food amount and we are giving her a weight control diet dry food from Blue. I’m almost obsessive over her health. I’m not seeing any loss.

Age: 8.5 year Current weight: 25# (should be for size about 16#)
Height at shoulders is only 14 inches.

She was the runt of the litter.

She is my wonderful little buddy and I want to do all I can to keep her healthy!

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