How To Handle Discovered Mom And Pups

I just found a Mother Aussie with her pups underneath a vacant building. She is aggressively protective as you can imagine. I left a dish close by with food and another with water. Anyone have any experience with this type of rescue? Thanks for any info, Nicole Malinowski

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Mom and babies
by: Anonymous

From a friend of mine who breeds and raises American bulldogs:

you may have to consult with a vet or rescue group.......the fear is that she will injure the pups or the human trying to help......I can see why she would try to protect them. She's probably a little wild too. Bless her heart. She may have to try to put some sort of barrier between mom and babies or use some sort of net etc to get the babies........then they may have to wrangle momma.

Where are you located?

by: Lori

Hi, I share your concern for the Australian Shepherd mother and her puppies. I work with a rescue and I would like to know where the mother dog is and her puppies. I.e. town state area etc. it is possible then an Australian Shepherd rescue would be able to help these dogs. I would not try to approach them on my own however as she may bite you or the rescuer or injure her own puppies. I would go with someone that can dart her so that she will be sedated while being transported and helping her puppies. Please let us all know where you are located. Perhaps we can work together from there

Aussie Rescue
by: jcrply

If you don't mind revealing your location, we might be able to find out what your closest Aussie Rescue organization is. They may have volunteers who could help you.

Where are you located?
by: Veronica

Where do you live? I'm with Australian Shepherd Rescue Midwest.


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