How To House Train And Potty Train An Aussie Puppy

Just got my sizzle puppy and he is 7 weeks old. So I'm in process of crate training and potty training him. I get him to potty outside about 50% of the time. What are some tips on getting him to go outside all the time?

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potty outside
by: jcrply

My own method is to never give the pup an opportunity to potty inside. Pup goes out, potties, then plays inside for just a little while and then back into crate. I take a pup out VERY often - like every hour to hour and a half, because I feel that any accidents inside sets you way back to the beginning. This is intensive and demanding on YOU, but an Aussie can be housetrained in just a few weeks this way. If you use my method, you have to be home with pup all the time for those few weeks!

Re: Potty training
by: Kym

I personally do not keep my puppies in crates when I am home unless I absolutly can not keep my eyes on them. I always recommend taking them out of course, first thing in the morning. Bring them in for breakfast, wait about 15 min.then back outside again, and IF you are home about every 45 min. or so. I ALWAYS go outside with my pups to not only 'supervise' but to give the 'potty' command. When you take your pup out always tell him what it is he is to do outside. Tell your pup to 'go potty' when he/she does, PRAISE,PRAISE,PRAISE!!'GOOD POTTY' and give LOTS of lovins'!! When I am home, I keep my pups tethered to me. I use a regular length leash(which also helps with leash training)and attatch it to myself(belt loop,wrist etc). This way,my pup doesnt happen to 'sneak off' and either potty in the house or get into something he/she shouldnt. I also like to teatch my pups to ring a bell when its potty time.Jingle bells work great to hang by the back door. Everytime you go out with your pup jingle the bells, he will learn quickly that the bells 'open the back door'!! Good luck with your pup!!

Bells on the door

Our Aussie was going potty in the house because he wouldn't bark to let us know he needed to go out. We put bells on the door and every time we let him out we took his paw and hit the bells. In one day, he had it down pat. We crated him until he was 3 years old during the day. Our trainer recommended feeding just in the evenings so he wasn't uncomfortable during the day. I would train my next Aussie exactly the same.

Put Bells on the Door
by: Anonymous

I'll second the comment about putting bells on the door. My puppy picked up on it right away and it has made a big difference in potty training!

itty bitty
by: Anonymous

I have a Toy Australian Shepherd. She is 18 weeks old. I have a doggie door she will go out it and come back in and pee. How do I train her?

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