How To Overcome Fear Of Getting In The Car?

(Pittsburgh, PA)

I recently adopted an Aussie from a foster home about 3 hours away. He got sick in the car on the way home and has refused to get in the car since then. I have been using successive approximation and treats to get him near the car. He can be coaxed to the door frame, then collapses and becomes dead weight.

Any suggestions for getting him back in the car?.

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In the car
by: Anonymous

I don't know much but I would think you wouldn't want to use treats. If you do manage to get him or her back in the car your dog is just going to ralph it up down the street. So try it on a empty tummy. You may just want to have someone sit in the back seat and you physically pick up your dog and put it in the car with the person in the back to comfort them. My dogs were scared and I took them out on very short trips just a few blocks down the street to a local store and back. Then I progressed a little more after 3,4,5 trips that way. Don't brake hard, don't gas it, don't go around corners quick. Pretend you have a egg sitting on your seat and you don't want it to roll and break. Don't let them look out the side or the back window. That will make them ill. Keep the windows down some so they have plenty of air. If its hot turn on the A/C for sure. Keep the wind on them. I did this for awhile and they love car rides now! I hope it works out for you!

by: Gayle Big Run Aussie

My Bryn used to get sick in the car, so we tried something that might help. A friend of mine stayed with Bryn while I went to the other side of the car and called her in to me through the open doors. We have not had a problem with her getting in since then. You may end up having to get something from the vet to calm him in the car. I have also used herbal calming tablets and they might also work.

by: Anonymous

You didn't mention the age of the dog. Puppies tend to get sick in the car because there is something about the ears that is not formed completely. My dog grew out of it. YOu could try a couple little pieces of a ginger snap cookie. ginger can settle the stomach. I would start by just sitting in the car with it running to get him over any anxiety. My dog always got sick as a puppy and now the car is his favorite thing!! patience!!!

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