How To Raise My Aussie With My Crazy Hours!?

by Jevi
(Davie, FL)

Hey guys!! (No rude comments please) I have a 7 month old Australian Shepherd. He's a beautiful red merle. I got him when he was just about to be 4 months. Now when I got him I was working flexible hours so I had so much time to spend with him. Well I got a new job that is 9am-6pm and I literally can not leave him in his crate that long. I was just hoping can someone give me tips and advice.

I can't give him up he's literally my son and we've become so close it would be too hard. I thought about taking him for a run, but he's not really leash trained when it comes to that. (I don't know if that makes sense.)

Please anyone, tips and advice would be so awesome right now.

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by: jcrply

First, please do not crate him for long periods of time. That should not be an option; it's no way for a dog to live. If he can be free in the house while you are gone, that is infinitely better. However, you shouldn't expect him to "hold it" from 9a.m. to 6p.m. He's got to go out to go potty at least once during that span of time. Is there someone who could go by your home to take him outside mid-day? If there is no way to take him out during your working hours, then you might need to train him to use one of those doggie litter boxes. They have them for sale at and probably other places. Just a thought.
I hope you are taking him for long walks when you are home and playing games like fetch the ball which will give him some exercise. Doing training every day, even if just for a few minutes, provides mental exercise. It should be every single day. It can be obedience commands or trick training and should be fun for both of you.

Dog walker
by: Aaron

Get a dog walker. For about 1 month I had a contract job away from my home. I found a dog walker and she was great. I set up a security cam and she did everything that was asked and I also have about 100+ hours of footage of my own dog sleeping in crazy positions and playing with toys.

I paid 17 per day and my dog was happy to see me in the evening and I knew she got quality attention and didn't go inside either.

Crazy hours
by: Tom

Have a friend come over while you are home and have him get used to your friend being around, then have your friend come by during the day and spend an hour or so with your pet, it makes them feel special. I did it with my 3 and it worked great, they get socialized without ever leaving home.O

by: Anonymous

Find a doggy daycare.

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