How to Stop Dogs Barking at Everything?

by Denise Prevade
(McDonald, Pa. 15057-USA)

I have 2 Miniature Australian Shepherds. They bark at the air. Any noise they bark. How can I stop this?

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by: Nonnie

mine too !!!

Why does it rain when I bark ?
by: Anonymous

Try spraying them in the face with a bottle of water.After awhile when you pick up the bottle they stop without having to spray it.I just started doing it seems to work. Before going for a bark collar.we have three dogs they can be pretty crazy.

This worked for our Aussie
by: Kim

Get a clean empty pop or beer can and make sure it is dry inside put about 15 pennies in it and duct tape the opening. (I would make up a few of them to keep in different rooms)

When the dog is barking you say "NO BARK" and at the same time you throw the can at the floor (NOT AT THE DOG!) The noise that it makes scares the dog not to bark. It only took 3 times of doing this and the barking stopped for us!

If you have children please don't let them play with these as toys, because it will be ineffective you don't want your dog to get used to the noise.

We have also used this for other bad habits that we wanted to break him of.

I know it sounds crazy, I didn't believe that this would work when my friend was telling me about it. Good Luck!!!

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