How To Tell If Your Aussie Is Stressed?

by Linda

I was at the vet this week and was told that Aussie's eyes get red when they are stressed. (of course it could be from allergies too) but I never knew that. My dog has been acting strangely of late probably due to the recent thunderstorms and her eyes were red.

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by: Anonymous

umm, I don't know about that, some Aussies eyes are always red, just because. My boy, has always had then lightly red. I think if they don't normally have them red, then it could be that that they are sick, or extremely stressed, but I wouldn't accept a blanket statement like that. no offense, but some vets, just don't know, an so they make assumptions (or educated guess) like doctors, based on a pass experience.
hope you're boy is ok, as well as you.

Possible allergies
by: Rita

Our Aussie also had red eyes alot and he ended up going to an opthamologist. It turns out he is allergic to beef. Their eyes do turn red when stressed also, but it will go away when the stressful situation disappears. The vet can do a test using eyedrops to see if it is stress related. We have to be super careful with his diet, but the red eyes are gone. Just food for thought.

by: Nonnie

We have a blue-eyed, blue Merle female. She has a lot of white fur on her snout. When she gets stressed the whites of her eyes get red, the skin under the white fur on her snout gets red, and the inside of her ears gets red and look like she has mosquito bites or measles.

Stressed Aussie
by: Anonymous

Thank you for that bit of information. I did not know that... I have never noticed my 2 1/2 year old aussie's eys being red. My labs eyes get red - I assumed it was because she was tired.

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