I recently got a baby Aussie. She is an 8 week old blue merle female. She has beautiful markings and has a great personality. Except for one thing, all she does is curl up behind my bed and sleep. I take him out, feed him, and give him water, but after her runs back. I really wanted a hyper-active dog who would run and always want to play with me. PLEEEAAAASSEEEE help!!!

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Hyper ... NOT
by: Nonnie

She is a baby. She will probably sleep a lot for the next few weeks / months. That will slowly change and as you encourage her to play with you, she will become more social. Take her places, show her new things, new smells, new people, new places. Ask people to touch her feet and talk gently to her. She should be come more social with all that.

That saying - I have two female Aussies: Bailee, a blue-eyed, blue merle mini and Maggie a brown-eyed, black tri, toy. They are half sisters born 2 weeks apart. They are now 1 1/2 years old.

Bailee is very anxious, energetic, OCD and the Maggie is very laid back and mellow, perfectly content to just chew on a rawhide. She does not like to play frisbee or chase a ball or anything like that. Bailee gets so excited when we bring out the frisbee that she will jump and snatch it from your hand if you are not watchful. 95% of the time, she will catch every frisbee you throw. A ball never even makes it to the ground before she has it.

Good luck with your new baby!

by: Auntie Witsh

We've now had 3 Aussies and while each has its own personality, they have all been VERY energetic - be careful what you wish for!! We got our newest family member, a gorgeous blue merle, at 5 weeks old. A little early to wean, but there were extenuating circumstances. Nevertheless, she slept a lot for weeks. And then, she awoke. She hasn't stopped for a breath since and she's a year old April 2. Her 4 year old half-sister was the same and, at 4, she is now an amazing creature. While this baby of yours is sleeping, hold her and talk to her. Keep her with you every moment you can, even carry her in your sweatshirt while she sleeps. You will have a devoted, affectionate, ball of energy if you give her some time and a lot of love. Good luck!!

by: Anonymous

As mentioned, your baby IS still a baby and still needs a lot of rest. However....if she truly is THAT lethargic (won't play, shows little interest in her surroundings most of the time, etc.), I'd STRONGLY suggest getting her to your vet for a bit of evaluation.

If you relate where you obtained her from and when she was to the vet last and what was done, we may be able to gauge a bit better if this is simply a sleepy, laid-back pupper.

Ranee, Ricky and Twister

Boarding, Grooming, Gift Shoppe & Pet Boutique
North Huntingdon, PA

by: HYPER!!! writer

Thank you. As you all said shes very social now and maybe i wish she could sleep more. Thanks!!!

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