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I Am Adopting An Aussie Pup But I'm Worried That Our Family's Lifestyle Will Be To Different For Him

I am adopting an Aussie pup that is 2 months old but I'm worried that our family's lifestyle will be too different for him. He is being raised on a farm where he runs free, they don't use crates and he sleeps together with his mom, dad and siblings in the middle of the living room on a blanket.

This is totally different from what his life would be like with us. I have 5 children ages 7-14 and while they are energetic and will play with him and I will also exercise him daily for about an hour.

My worry is in the lifestyle he is used to. He doesn't know what a crate is and I am worried it will traumatize him. We also don't have a farm with livestock, we have a medium size yard but will utilize the large park we have here. He will also be taken away from everyone he has come to love. I am picking him up on Sunday and I can't wait!

Will this drastic change cause problems for him? All I want is the best for him!

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Life style change
by: John

Even though the dog will be disrupted, he will make the change pretty quick. By having 5 children to play with the dog, he will enjoy the attention and will forget his sibling in no time at all.

Go For it!
by: Shirley

He is young to adapt....he will love your kids...and will require a lot of patience....its very easy to crate train....leave door open when you are home.....put treats in the crate and let him go in for not close door until he is comfortable....let him know this is a good place and Never Ever punish him by putting him in the crate.
Also I would recommend obedience classes for helps a lot. Hope this is helpful.

Good Luck!

Starting to feel better
by: MrsFordyce

I have been reading on this site all of the many wonderful things you all have been saying about your Aussie's and I am getting so excited!!

We have so much love to give him so I know he won't miss that part and we will be doing everything we possibly can to help him adjust to this family. I have all the patience in the world for this little guy.

I will be taking him to puppy classes, and I will be taking training classes as well.

I'm in love with him already and he isn't even here yet, not to mention he is quite a cutie pie for real!

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