I Have An Australian Shepard or Shepard X (Color?)

by Heike

I have an Australian Shepard or X and was wondering what color he is. He is mostly white, but has some dots around the ears and a black spot on the base of his none existing tail, looks like a coy fish. Also under his white coat he has gray blackish smeared dots, if you look at the picture you can see it near his flank.

I was wondering if you can help me out with what coloring he is.

Thanks Heike

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I dont know ,but he is pretty
by: dave

maby some blue merle in him. still a pretty dog

Double White
by: Suzan

I first want to tell you he is beautiful.
There are different names for his color. I like using double merle. I have 2 double merles and they are both deaf. Not all double merles are born deaf or blind. On this site, if you go to Aussie Health. Scroll down to Double Merle. It has really good information regarding the Double Merle and what causes this. These dogs are also called lethal white (I don't like using that term). My Penny and Ace are both deaf and they do have the blue starbust eyes. Penny is sensitive to really bright light but Ace is not so much. I hope this helps.

Thank you!
by: Heike

Thank you Dave and Suzan :)

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