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I Need Advice About Helping My Australian Shepherd Adapt to Apartment Living With a Pug That Invades My Aussie's Space

by Veronica

There’s a lot going on with my Australian Shepherd at the moment that it’s hard for me to determine what questions I really need answered.

I’ve had my Australian Shepherd for some time now, exactly 3 years and he has been amazing. I recently got him neutered since I was moving into an apartment and they require dogs to be neutered. So now I have a male neutered Australian Shepherd in a new apartment.

Also, my boyfriend brought his Pug from home, which isn’t trained and has a habit of jumping on my Aussie and invading his personal space in which my Aussie has reacted in defense a couple of times.

I don’t know what to do to help them get along and I don’t know if moving into an apartment was a good idea for my Aussie. What should I do to accommodate both dogs and allow for a more relaxed living area?

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by: Anonymous

If your Aussie is a standard size, then living in an apartment is probably going to be a challenge. You need to walk and run him every day so that he can expend all that penned up energy he has mass-produced inside him. An Aussie is not going to let another dog jump on him without a fight. Remember that an Aussie is a working herder, and thus is usually the pack leader of all the animals. I think your biggest problem is the Pug, that sounds like he has a dominance issue. I would train him or take him to a trainer for aggression issues. The other problem is you have two males new to each other in the same home, both fighting to be the alpha. It is going to be a struggle. I would never have two males in the same house. You’re lucky if they’re not "marking" everything in your house. Extreme exercise is the only possible cure for the two of them to coexist, and I mean a lot of it. You’re going to have to force them both into getting so exhausted from exertion that they don’t have the energy to challenge each other. This should eventually take the drive to dominate down a level, and maybe resolve some of your issues. Exercise, exercise, and then more exercise those dogs. Good luck.

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