I Would Like To Know If My Puppy Is A Purebred Is There Anyone Who Can Help Me?

by Ashlyn Brooke
(Columbia, SC)

These are her parents

These are her parents

Is my puppy a purebred? Her parents look like Aussies but I just was wondering.

Note from Anton: You can have a dog breed DNA test done to find out. More info on dog DNA tests here.

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Oh dear. . .
by: Anonymous

If those are the parents, then she's a purebred. A word of caution though. When 2 merles are bred together, you tend to get genetic defects. aka blindness or deafness. Keep an eye on that pup, it's gorgeous.

by: Anonymous

your dog looks like an aussies. Just do a dna test than you will know. where did you get your aussies

by: Anonymous

She sure looks like a pure bred, but I certainly hope that breeding was an accident. The thought of a breeder purposly breeding a merle to merle litter is a scary thought for those breeders who truely care about the health of the breed.

Puppy Pedigree
by: Aussie Owner

There are tests that you can order that will check DNA for different dog breeds. The ones I've seen advertised were pretty reasonable on cost.

by: Anonymous

I don't breed dogs, Period... but mating a merle to a merle is the biggest NO NO in the book and creates serious genetic defects in 25/% of the pups born. That's 1 out of 4 pups are blind/deaf and genetically screwed up.

If those are in fact the parents, the bigger question is, is your dog INBREED and not pure bred, as, no responsible Aussie breeder would even think about breeding two merles.

I would get the test
by: Anonymous

My wife and I have a similar situation; and you can't just rely on the parents' pictures, the grandparents ancestry can come into play for generations down the line. We bought into the pitch that we have "pure bred" Mini-Aussies - which is both a sad truth and a lie. Our smallest pup does not exhibit any Aussie instincts other than his markings and, in fact, acts more like a heeler than a herder. We saw a second litter that was bought by the people we got the dogs from and sure enough, the mother was an Australian Cattle Dog, not an Australian Shepherd! That and the fact that the breeders can have more than one male breed with a female in heat means that you can end up with mixed litters of various breed traits. Even with runt-to-runt littering, which can still be 'pure bred', these breeders are coming up with smaller dogs but who lack the intelligence, mental balance and basic instincts that Aussie lovers assume will be present in their puppies. Runt-to-runt and Merle-to-Merle littering is a shame and these breeders are not helping these dogs by these methods; but introducing other breeds and calling them 'pure bred' just because they resemble true Aussies is just plain fraud.

A Purebreed
by: heidi

Didn't you ask before? Just get a DNA test.

by: Anonymous

Both of these dogs are female dogs; they are even referenced in another section on this website.

who ever you bought your puppy from was lying about the parents of your puppy.

Still a beautiful puppy though.

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