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I'll Pick My Own Name, Thank You!

by Shyla

My Aussie, Jake, was about seven weeks when we got him. He was very sweet, chubby, and fuzzy. He did have a few major problems, though. (I'm not telling one of them now, though. That's another story) He did not feel inclined to answer to anything anyone called him. If you smooched or whistled, he'd come runnin'. If you tried to call him by any name, he would deliberately turn his back and ignore you. I tried every name I could think of.

Finally, after I had him for three days, I was sitting out on the front porch with my mom, and we were watching him play about five feet away in the grass, being silly. We were trying to come up with a name. I was trying to get him to respond to a name, any name at that point. He just turned around and kept playing in the grass, completely ignoring me. Then out of the blue, I just said "How about Jake?". He just stopped instantly, turned and looked at me with this look on his face like "Were you talking to me? It's about time." I said "Is that your name?—Jake, come here. "He just trotted up to me, all excited that I had finally guessed his name. That is the story of how Jake picked his own name at seven weeks old.

Comments for I'll Pick My Own Name, Thank You!

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love it.
by: Anonymous

I love the "velcro" idea for a name, it does fit them, always under foot, close by. its also true, that once you have picked a name for them, and they respond to it, they will respond to almost any "pet name" you call them after that, because somehow they know, its in our voice inflections and love, that we are calling them.

Yeah, they know their names
by: RussMan

I agree with Mt Doom owner, they are so smart they'll answer to most any name you direct at them as they know you are talking to them. My Black Tri girl is Molly Bear but she answers to Molly, Bear, Baby Girl (as she IS daddy's baby girl), Miss Bear, Jelly Bean (her momma calls her that due to her balck coat and her girth), and more recently, Buffalo Butt (you should see that thing!) as she's most always underfoot when you want to move around the house. Sometimes I think her name should have been Velcro because she truly is a velcro dog. :)

"Pet" names - you know you do it!
by: Mt. Doom Paintball Field Owner

All dog owners end up calling their dogs any number of "pet" names and the dogs usually just treat it as their own. For example my Aussie's registered name is Arnold's Big Bikkies Jackaroo but "Jack" most all the time. Then we also call him Jackaroo, Ruddie, Ruddie Pattutie, Rue Rue, Jack-O, Mr. Merley, Stinky-Rue (when it applies; and he knows this!) and sometimes just whatever comes to mind. He still knows we are talking directly to him and responds as usual. This is one of the benefits of having a smart-breed of dog. They have an amazing vocabulary and the ability to understand your intent when you speak to them. It's probably ESP don't you think?

The name game.
by: Cat

I had wanted an Aussie since I was a kid. We had always had mutts and second hand dogs (which I will ALWAYS have). I finally got my Aussie pup when I was 30. I had 143 names picked out, and not a single one fit him. The night I went to get him from the breeder, I brought my Beagle mix "Dixie" with, to meet him. She initiated him by racing wildly around the house skidding out, then jumping on the couch and leaping over his head just as he caught up to her. He tried to jump on the couch, nearly making it, I caught him mid air before he tumbled to the ground. I looked at him and said.."you're willing, but not able" and that was it, his name ABEL. I have never once regretted his name. It fit's him to a T. He's 13 this year, and the absolute love of my life.

We have a Coopey too
by: Anonymous

That is so funny that you named your Aussie Cooper. So did we as soon as we got him from ARPH. he answers to Coopey and loves to snuggle with you when you call him that. His original name was Zeke. We got him at 5 months, he is a blue Merle very handsome guy.
Have fun with your Coopeycoldi

I love it!
by: Nancy Tinker

This is a delightful story... Ausssie are so smart and wonderful! Thank you for sharing

naming a puppy
by: Penny

My husband loves to come up with a name for our puppies. I like to try the out and see what they will answer to, but not him. He likes to see if they do something cute or earns their name. The little red merle male got named- "Digger:, for he loved to dig holes "on command". With the 2nd red merle male, he named him" Yabbers" for he is always talking
to you. I think I will name the next puppy-maybe "Quiet" or "Good Boy"

So true
by: Kat

That has happened twice for me, with my first Aussie Harley and my Little Dog who refused to come to either of her previous names.

its true
by: Anonymous

haha thats what happened with us too. we had a bunch of names we tried on our little 8 week old boy. he just didnt respond, then one day I said" how about Cooper?" and he turned looked at me, perked up his ears, and came right over. "well, I guess Cooper it is". its so funny, yet true. Now I' find myself singing the Scoopy do song, except I use Coopey do in it instead. hahaha
Gotta love these guys, smart, funny and just so lovable.

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