I'm Think About Getting An Australian Shepherd

by Jacek

I have a couple questions about Australian Shepherds.

1 Are they a good guard dog ex. if someone attacks me will they attack them
2 Do they have a high prey drive
3 Are they affectionate
4 Are they very playful


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by: Anonymous

Aussies are all different. Some would defend you, some would not. One of my current dogs (a female) would be more likely to bite an attacker. The other one, a male, would not. Prey drives vary, too, all the way from non-existent to intense. They are usually playful, but not all of them like to fetch.

They are like people--no two alike. Females are more likely to be all business. A professional breeder told me her females were take-charge types, while the males were lazy. Both are good watch dogs, which is desirable, in my opinion. You don't need a doorbell!

They are all smart, however. They learn by observing, as well as by training.

Response to questions
by: Anonymous

1) Maybe. You wouldn't want to walk into my yard if I wasn't there. But I'm not sure if someone attacked me if he'd protect me. 2) Strong herding drive not prey. They aren't programmed to kill 3) Yes 4) Yes

Getting an Aussie
by: Anonymous

I have two male Australian Shepards. One of them has very high Anxiety while the other doesn't. I don't think they would attack anyone although they love to bark. They are very playful and love to be loved. I love my Aussies!!

I love my Aussie...... almost 13 yrs. old
by: Linda McMullen

Depends upon how you train them, as with any dog. Mine is a guard dog in the sense, she lets me know when anything or anyone new is in our area. She does not have a high prey drive as I trained her it is not alright to chase, best to enter dog classes for both you and the dog. She is extremely affectionate, my best friend. Yes, they love play, and I mean every day, and until she was 11 yrs. we did lots of running and jumping, fetch, frisbee, walks in woods where she could basically do her own agility and best of all sniff everything and anything, a dogs life! Now, at almost 13, we have slowed down dramatically, I still get the kisses and she now goes on long slow walks, sad for me but she is the best friend I ever had! Get an Aussie, but make sure you are committed, as with any dog, they are a lot of work, you gotta love them and do what is best for them, after all they are work dogs and need to be stimulated, energetic and need lots and lots of exercise!

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