Injured Aussie—Want City To Pay Vet Bill

My husband took our Aussie for a walk a few evenings ago. She stepped on a rusty old piece of a sign post that had been left sticking up from the ground. The city we live in had moved the stop sign but had neglected to removed the entire post. Our dog had to have her entire toenail removed and that toe is broken. She has suffered a great deal and will probably be unable to walk on the foot for several weeks. I've contacted the city to pay for the vet bill. I think I'm in for a fight from them. Has anyone else experienced anything like this with a city?

Thank you.

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Go for it!
by: Anonymous

This is why we pay taxes, so we live in better, taken care of communities. If I don't cut my own yard's grass I receive a letter saying I have to or I'll be fined. Who fines them when our city looks like crap? FIGHT IT. They can pay the bill (with your taxes money anyway!). Good luck! :)

Cable Wire
by: Anonymous

Hmmm. Not so sure you will win. A few weeks ago, cable guy came out and replace part of the wire my Aussie pup shredded. I was working in another room with the pup...Cable guy left. Later, when fixing dinner I got a weird vibe that he could have left a tool or...he left the wire!
I had to fight for 20 bucks. Can u imagine if puppy ate it?

Fight the good fight...
by: Anonymous

Only through individual effort to hold those folks accountable for their negligence will change take place. Fight the city. Go for it!!! It will not matter whether you win or lose, just that you make them hear you!!!

City to pay vet bill
by: Anonymous

Fight it. If my mother got money from the city for falling off her bike because of a bad sidewalk, you should be able to represent your Aussie's injury!

Do it!
by: Laura

The city was negligent in not removing the sign totally! They are responsible just as if a human had stepped n it. If it had happened on private property that individual's homeowner's would have to pay for it. Some times all it takes is a letter from an attorney. Do yo know one? Any family members? I would try that too! Good luck! I bet they remove it now. Also try the local news "make it right" people!

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